View from Långe Jan

Ottenby Nature Reserve is a place in the south of Öland, the island where I was born. I haven’t been to Ottenby since I was a child and I believe we went with school to learn more about their bird observatory. Many years later, yes I’m old, I was back to experience the area as a grown up.

It only takes a couple of hours to get there by car. Well, that depends on where you live. My boyfriend and I set off from Kalmar around 10 in the morning and after a couple of short stops to see my birthplace and Alvaret we arrived to Ottenby just after lunch time.

Ottenby Lighthouse in the background

Ottenby 6

It was a lovely, sunny day but as always by the coast, very windy. We braved it and sat outside enjoying our packed picnic food. There are plenty of picnic tables for everyone to enjoy although I believe most people come here to bird watching. With it being Easter and nice weather a lot of people (seen from a Swedish perspective) had come to enjoy the nature reserve this day.

We had borrowed my dads binoculars so that we too could get a good glimpse of the birds and seals. There weren’t as many birds about as I had hoped, maybe it was too cold for them or you need better equipment to be able to spot them. I’m really happy that I got to see the seals, plenty of them. It was low tide so they could enjoy a rest and get some sun on the rocks and the beach.

Using binoculars in Ottenby

Seals in Ottenby

‘Tall Jan’ (Långe Jan) is the name of the lighthouse and for as cheap as £2.50 we were allowed to go all the way up and enjoy the view. Even though I run regularly it was hard work walking all the way up, 97 steps in total.

Långe Jan from the south Långe Jan from the north Window in Långe Jan

Once up it was totally worth it. You can walk all the way around to be able to take in the spectacular view from all directions.

Ottenby Nature Reserve from above Seals from above Ottenby wind shield house from above View from Långe Jan Mainland view from Långe Jan Sea view from Långe Jan

Ottenby Nature Reserve is definitely worth a visit. We had a really nice day out. If you’re ever in Sweden and on Öland, make sure to go!

Jennie xx