Oktoberfest Leeds 2017

Picture an old brick wall building, abandoned with only cool graffiti work left outside, honouring great industrial men of Leeds city. Sounds pretty cool, right? In daytime at least it’s a very instagrammable area. I live close by but never realised till last weekend. I normally only walk past it with other destinations in mind.

John Marshall graffiti wall

Now picture this old brick building again but this time with white tents outside and a massive arched Oktoberfest logo over the entrance. Picture an otherwise empty and cold indoors fully decorated with Munich flags, white drapes and wreaths hanging from the ceiling, lengthy bars, a massive stage and rows of wooden tables and benches. Welcome to Oktoberfest in Leeds 2017!

South Bank Depot Leeds Oktoberfest LeedsOktoberfest Beer Tap

I didn’t go last year but I’ll definitely be back next year if it’s anything like this. What a great festival atmosphere. Little did I know a normally quiet area like this could transform to be thee place to hang at nighttime.

I was pleasantly surprised that they’ve hired out such a big venue and that the seats filled up within an hour after opening up! I’ve never been to the original Oktoberfest in Munich and I believe this is probably nothing like it but it’s so much better than Bierkeller,  if you’ve ever been to one of those.

Oktoberfest stein Oompah bandBratwurst German FoodSteins

After a couple of steins we were happily swaying side to side following the oompah bands instructions to our best abilities. We managed to work up a good appetite so filled the table with bratwursts, currywurst and of course pretzels to keep us going. Being seated at the VIP table we didn’t have to worry going outside queuing (only for toilets) for food, instead we were served by happy Germanstyle dressed staff. Stein after stein kept coming (+ a cheeky Jaeger bomb) and before I knew it we had move to the front of the stage dancing away to popular music played by the local brass band.

Hyde Park Brass Band

I had such a good night last week and would happily do it again. Maybe not already this weekend but if you live in Leeds, see if you can get hold of a last minute ticket.

Have you ever been to Oktoberfest in your city or maybe even Munich? What’s your experience of this German fest?

Jennie xx

*Thanks so much for the invite I Like Press!