Trinity Kitchen

Trinity Kitchen in Leeds is one of the best places for lunch for more reasons than the food. It’s the coolest food court I’ve been to. No I haven’t been to loads but if they all looked like this, maybe I would. It’s the perfect option if you need a quick bite or you want to make sure everyone you’re eating with will find something they’ll like. It’s also great if you’re out eating on your own as it’s so fast paced no one will really notice you’re solo dining. I was solo dining here over the weekend and I’m prepared to say that the current street food line-up might be the best so far.

Trinity Kitchen sign Trinity Kitchen street food

What The Truck?

I’ve seen pictures on Instagram and read tweets about this place having THE best fries. I’m a massive fries fan (no thank you gravy covered and soggy chips) and I like trying them from different places. When the sign reads truffle fries they weren’t lying. These fries smell of nothing else and taste absolutely divine! I was in fries heaven. Perfectly mixed with parmesan, pepper, chives and a dollop of lemon mayo on the side. LIFE CHANGING as What The Truck? says.

What The Truck? Truffle Fries

Big Grillie Style

Big Grillie Style’s marketing sign caught my eye (sarcasm goes down a treat) but the food menu even more so. I decided on a Jay-Z: hot salt beef, rocket, mustard, pickles, melted Swiss cheese on a bagel. Wow! I knew as I read the menu that this bagel would be one of the best ever and I was right. The perfect amount of saltiness from the meat and pickles well balanced out by the cheese and mustard. Why settle for a burger bun when you can have goodness packed in a middle of a bagel?

I was hoping to try Alphabet’s Charlie Don’t Surf IPA as well but they were out so I settled for a Budweiser instead. Not quite the same but it did the trick. I’ll have to come back for another Jay-Z soon and hope the IPA is back in stock then.

Big Grillie Style Jay-Z bagel

For dessert, I had big trouble deciding between Thai Krim (back due to popular demands) and Lekker Eat Dutch but the vote fell on the latter as Thai Krim are staying for two changeovers. I hope I’ll get a second chance on that Thai ice cream.

Lekker Eat Dutch

Waffles are not something I eat very often. At least once a year on Waffle Day in Sweden but if I had a waffle iron at home I’d eat them constantly. I like a waffle on it’s own with a little bit of sugar but at Lekker Eat Dutch you have to go all out and prepare to roll home. The bubble waffles costs £5 and includes ice cream, two toppings and two sauces of your choice. I opted for oreos, marshmallows, raspberry sauce and dutch syrup which luckily is less sweet than others I’ve tried.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to eat the full waffle. I ate most of the waffle and ice cream and although the rest of the topping was nice, it got the best of me. The waffle has a lovely mouthwatering texture and vanilla taste so hard to leave behind.

Lekker Eat Dutch Bubble Waffle

If American and Dutch isn’t your style, there’s also a Caribbean and Indian street food option and of course the Trinity Kitchen regulars.

Have yo been to Trinity Kitchen* lately? Do you opt for the street food options or the permanent food stalls when you go?

Jennie xx

*I got invited to try a couple of the street food options for an honest review.