November Bullet Journal

It’s November tomorrow. Can you believe it, only one month left before we go into winter and Christmas mode. Where has this year gone? I feel like it was only yesterday I started bullet journaling but this will be my seventh month going. Over the months I’ve added and taken out spread and also changed up the design of a couple. So here goes, my November bullet journal set-up.

November Bullet Journal theme

Because I forgot to use Halloween as the theme for October and used fallen leaves instead, it was tricky to come up with a November theme. After some research I came up with using umbrellas as November can be a bit of a windy and rainy month. Also, umbrellas are easy to draw and look lovely with all the colours so a good choice.

I’ve kept the spread titles the same; November in a filled font and any extra text in tilted/fake calligraphy. I shaded November using my two yellow Tombow pen shades; 025 and 985. It’s a very simple effect!

Bullet Journal monthly spread Bullet Journal Habit Tracker

Since my last bullet journal post, I’ve cut out the budget spread as it took so long time to fill in and I couldn’t keep up. It stressed me out more than helping. If you know any simpler way of doing it, let me know. I also cut out tracking my sleep pattern as it didn’t really tell me anything new. I know I’m tired and maybe less productive if I’ve not had enough sleep, I don’t need a tracker to tell me this.

Mood Tracker

My monthly spread, memories, and daily habit tracker look the same but my mood tracker has changed. I used to draw mood mandalas and I still love how they come out but they take up a long time to create. Instead, in October I changed and drew 31 different leaves which I every day coloured in dependent on which mood I’d been in.

Bullet Journal October Mood Tracker Bullet Journal November Mood tracker

I’m doing the same in November but with umbrellas, as that’s the theme for the month. What do you think? I forgot to leave room for the mood key so I added them all over the page instead. If you like these umbrellas, I’ve included a 4 step guide below how I draw them. Let me know if you do them as well as I’d like to see.

How to draw umbrellas

As you can see, I keep my spreads fairly simple and minimalistic. I find it the best in order for me to take time filling them in. How do you do yours? What do you track?

Jennie xx