Northern Craft Pin Drop

I love being creative, it’s one of the many reasons I have a blog. I also like bigger DIY projects and after buying a kitchen/dining table last week I can’t wait to get my hands on some paint to give it a makeover. Spending time with likeminded creators is equally fun so over the weekend just gone, I went to the Northern Craft Pin Summer Fair in Leeds.

Northern Craft Fair

This is the first Northern Craft fair I’ve attended and although I feel sad to have missed out on previous ones, my bank account is happy I did. There is so much talent around in this country and up here in the north: 45 stalls full of handmade jewellery, clothes, prints, stationary etc. we’re on display, as well as two workshops (one of which I attended) and free tote bag printing with Awesome Merchandise.

Pin DropNorthern Craft pins

The fair kicked off on the Friday night with the Pin Drop launch. 21 of Northern Craft’s favourite crafters have all designed a pin representing their Yorkshire and I tell you they’re all the cutest. I wanted to buy so many but settled for two in the end, the owl by The Lost Fox and the cutest heart saying “It’ll be reet” by Finest Imaginary. The Pin Drop exhibition is on for another three weeks so if you want to take a closer look, head to Northern Monk Brewery and if you fancy a pin or more of your own, Northern Craft also sell them online.

Colourful postersNorthern Craft FairBeads jewellery

Aside of the pins, I also bought a couple of prints from DKNG Studios and Wit Shop and a bracelet from Loela Design. I could easily have spent loads more money but luckily most of the crafters have webshops so I could always get more another time.

Geo-Fleur Terrarium Workshop

One of the highlights of the day was taking part in Geo-Fleur’s terrarium workshop. I eyed them up on Instagram as soon as I knew they were coming and was really excited to get stuck in.

Geo-Fleur workshopSucculents and soilTools for terrarium making

For about an hour or so, we were instructed on how to make our own succulent terrarium which once finished we all got to bring with us home. It wasn’t as easy as I would have thought but as with most things, practise makes perfect. If you want to have a go yourself, follow the following seven steps. If you’re not done it before, I’d advice taking one of Geo-Fleur’s classes first. They’re based in York but tour most of England. For £35 you get to have loads of fun being creative and taking home a lovely centre piece.

Plant terrarium first steps

1. Fill the bottom of the glass jar with a layer of gravel.

2. Top up with five centimetres of soil. You can’t pour it in in one go but methodically use a piped measuring jug and tap it in. It seems like forever but you get there.

3. Add a spoon of charcoal and mix with the soil.

4. Include the plants you’d like to have in your terrarium. I was intrigued to learn this bit as there’s no way it would fit through the neck in its current state. By separating the plant by its roots and tearing it to smaller pieces you’re able to, with the use of a long two fingered fork, to put it in the jar. The trickiest bit is to scoop soil to cover the roots and make it stay. Repeat this step till you’re happy with the amount of plants in your jar.

Plant terrarium last steps

5. Add another layer of gravel. Pour in gently slightly titling the jar.

6. Water but be careful not to drown the plants as there’s no way you can get the water back out. Again, tilt the jar to simultaneously clean it’s sides from soil and charcoal.

7. Finish off with three squirts of mist spray and put the cap on.

Final succulent terrarium

I’m hoping this terrarium will last me along time but it all depends on how well I take care of it. I love it, as you can see from my silly facial expression, so I shall do my best in keeping it for a long time.

Northern Craft arranges these type of fairs on a regular basis so if you missed out on this one, don’t sweat as you’ll get plenty of more chances.

Do you like crafts and DIY projects? What’s the most recent project you worked on?

Jennie xx