North Brewing Company

I have mentioned before that there are a lot of pubs and restaurants opening up in Leeds. What also seem very popular is to open up small, independent beer brewing companies. North Brewing Company is one of those and if I hadn’t been invited to their very hipster venue, I would maybe never find out about them.

North Brewing Company are located in an industrial state, north of Leeds City Centre. The brewery is on a back street that felt a bit dodgy walking down on a dark Thursday night. Nothing much else about so not an area I would hang out in and even the brewery doesn’t look much to they eye from the outside. We first thought we’d ended up at the back entrance.

North Brewing Company beer barrels

Saying all this, once you enter, North Brewing Company is a very hipster place and I love that they actually brew the beer in the same room as they serve it. The interior is really simple and minimalistic, giving focus on the bar. I love the taps all on row against a white tiled wall.

North Brewing Company interiorNorth Brewing Company bar

North Brewing Company Beer

The selection of beers to choose from are cleverly listed on old wood pallets, painted with chalkboard paint, but there’s also a paper menu with more details about each beer.

North Brewing Company beer menu

On the launch evening I tried three different beers; Prototype (fresh with lemon flavour), Saison (fruity wheat beer) and 100% Bret (hay and spice flavour made on 100% brettanomyses). I’ve mentioned before that I’m not a massive fan of IPA so these where the once closest to lager and wheat beer I could get. I really liked them all, although the Prototype got a bit too lemony in the end.

North Brewing Company beer

On departure, we were given a goody bag each with the two best selling beers, Transmission and Full Fathom (coconut and coffee beer). None of them sound like they’ll be to my taste but I’ll certainly give them a go as I’d love to enjoy beers with flavour. Find out more about their beers on their website.

North Brewing Company goody bag

If you fancy paying North Brewing Company a visit, they’re only open on Friday and Saturday, mid day till around ten in the evening. When we visited, Patty Smiths from Belgrave Music Hall served burgers. It’s the first time I’ve ever tried theirs and it was lovely – tastes like home made. North Brewing Company don’t normally serve food but you are allowed to order in your favourite take away, a nice little incentive. I would love to host an event here sometime, perfect size and lovely atmosphere. I’m not sure I would come back on a pub crawl though, but that’s purely down to their location.

Have you tried any of North Brewing Company’s beers? What did you think? Do you have any other smaller brewing companies to recommend?

Jennie xx