Reading colour book

Valentines is around the corner and I’m sure most women across the country will wear red underwear for the day. Why is that? Why do we associate red with love and this hearty holiday? I slipped into my new nightwear from Hunkemöller to read about colour psychology and find out.

Reading colour psychology book

The choice of colour in clothes reflect how we feel

Ever since interviewing a colour expert a couple of years ago I find this very interesting. She said one thing in particular that’s stuck by me ever since. She believes that if we all wear red underwear (the closest colour to our heart) there will be less wars. Every time I wear red underwear I always wonder if my mood changes from a day when I wear black but I honestly don’t think so. I mostly dress in black to be fair, it’s where I feel most comfortable but I do own a handful colourful clothes as well. According to these books, me wearing black means that I want to hide from the world and that’s somewhat true. I don’t like standing out in a crowd. And I do agree it feel protecting and that I feel comfortable wearing it black clothes.

Hunkemöller slip dress Hunkemöller Nightwear

Back to the red colour. Red is supposedly the most physical colour and has a stimulating action on our hearts and circulation. A red light raises blood pressure. I suppose these descriptions are transferrable to how we feel when we’re in love. Like the colour expert said, red in clothing can help us overcome negative thoughts and that would help preventing wars. On the flip side, too much red in our system can make us irritable and so therefor also associated with anger. Other words to describe red are; vital, powerful, warm, cosy, sensual, determined, friendly, courageous and assertive. All words well linked with love.

Nightwear from Hunkemöller

Red Slip dress Red lace slip dress

I do own a handful colourful clothes as well, I’m not always dressing in black. To add to my colourful wardrobe, I was sent this gorgeous red slip dress* from Hunkemöller. It comes in a variation of colours with the red as part of their Valentine’s collection. I’ve got another nightwear set from Hunkemöller which I wrote about here, a two piece set in blush pink. I love this new dress just as much. It’s super soft and fits really well thanks to the cut being lower down than just underneath the bust. The lower cut gives the illusion of thinner waist. The lace detail on the upper half makes it extra flattering and I think it can pass as both cute and sexy. I’m wearing a red bra underneath in these pictures as I didn’t want to be too revealing. The material is viscose and somewhat elastane. I prefer this over satin to be honest, in a dress version anyways. It means that when you turn around in bed it doesn’t get stuck to your body and make you incapable of moving.

What are you wearing this Valentine? Which colour do you prefer to wear? If you want to know what it says about you, let me know and I’ll check in my books.

Jennie xx

*PR Sample. All views are my own.