Minim blog theme

As you know I haven’t been blogging for a while. It’s not like I don’t have anything to say BUT I just haven’t felt like writing. One of the things that have been bothering me is the blogs layout. I haven’t felt content with a free WordPress theme so I decided to spend some money on it and I must say that was a good decision.

Pipdig Blog Theme

After doing some research and looking at other blogs I found Pipdig which offers a wide selection of blog themes and different designs. Having a love for minimalism, possible due to being Swedish, I chose the MINIM theme.

Minim blog theme

The theme is super easy to install on your own.  A few things links menus and widget settings had to be changed/added but in less than half an hour from ordering I had a complete new blog.

I can really recommend Pipdig so if you’re looking to update your blog with a new theme, check out theirs here.

What’s new

The biggest change and most important for me is that the blog now looks inviting and structured. Every post looks clean and something you would want to read.

The posts cover a bigger part of the screen which means that the pictures are bigger and more inviting to look at.

All the social media buttons are up to date so all the posts are shareable and I really like the feature at the bottom letting you continue reading a similar post if you enjoyed the first.

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What’s next

I might make some minor changes to the font, colours of title, links etc. but the main layout will stay as it is.

Hopefully now a new fresh and crisp design will get me writing and publishing posts more often. I’ve got a few events coming up and other fun collaborations so I’m determined to take care of my blog and I hope you’ll continue reading.

Jennie xx