Nankhatai Shortbread

Do you like shortbread? I do, and after tasting some from ChinsKitchen I might consider saying I love them! It’s very rare that I buy cookies or biscuits and when I do, it’s not often I end up with shortbread in my bag. However, when they’re offered to me I can’t say know and I realise I should opt for them when having a biscuit craving.

A couple of weeks ago, I was sent two bags of shortbread from ChinsKitchen*. The company, started by Chintal Kakaya, make Indian inspired cakes and these flavours are the latest, launching earlier this month.

Paperbags with shortbread

When I don’t know what to buy, may it be wine, a book, food or something else, I decide by its cover. ChinsKitchen packaging is lovely! Simple but thoughtful and it already gives you an idea of what you’re about to taste. The Nankhatais (don’t ask me to pronounce the name) are packaged in brown paper bags, ceiled with a burgundy red ribbon with the company name printed in gold letters. Exclusive or what? The bags have little windows to give you an idea of how the biscuits look like.

Almond & Cranberry and Chai Spice Shortbread

The two flavours I was sent are Almond & Cranberry and Chai Spice. I love chai latte so I was very excited to try shortbread with the same flavour and these were the first I tried. Looking at both biscuits, I thought this was the one with least flavour but I was wrong, they’re so tasteful! I couldn’t not stop eating and with the cute size and shape, they’re the perfect mouthful. Yes, shortbread can be adorable. As I said, very flavoursome and perfectly so, only leaving you to want more.

Spiced Tai and Almond & Cranberry shortbread

The other flavour, Almond & Cranberry are really nice as well. The dried cranberry gives the biscuits a different texture. Still soft, perfectly crunchy but adding a little chewiness. It also adds a tangy taste which I like, it makes it more interesting.

Spiced Tai shortbread

What I love the most about these shortbreads is that they don’t contain any artificial preservatives or flavourings which lets you know, they’re made with love. If you want a different type of shortbread, the better kind if you ask me, check out Chintal’s blog and ChinsKitchen here.

Have you tried shortbreads from ChinsKitchen? Which is your favourite flavour?

Jennie xx

*PR sample. All views are my own.