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My top 5 in Eurovision Song Contest 2016

Tonight marks the first day of Eurovision Song Contest 2016. Sweden won last year, which means they’re this year’s hosts (whoop whoop!). I wish I could be in Stockholm on Saturday to see who wins but it didn’t pan out that way. I’ll enjoy trying to spot my friends in the crowd instead. I’m also looking forward to one of the middle acts, which I’ve heard will be a parody of Eurovision itself.

I’ve had a chance to listen through all the songs competing and picked out my five favourites. It was very difficult, 5 out of 44 is not easy. Russia (seeded as a winner), Belarus and Hungary are strong sixes. It’s a shame Ireland’s song isn’t strong enough as Nicky Byrne from Boyzone Westlife is representing them.

Anyway, here’s my top 5 list of Eurovision Song Contest 2016. Let’s hope that Slovenia, Iceland and Australia makes it to the final on Saturday. Sweden and France are already there.

1. Australia

Dami Im Eurovision Song Contest 2016

‘Sound of Silence’ – Dami Im

A pop ballad. I normally like ballads in Eurovision but it’s very rare I want them to win it all. It’s only Australia’s second year and this time they’ll do even better than last. It’s a very strong song, she’s got a great voice and I’m excited to see how well it does on stage. If Australia wins, they’ll have to work with European TV production as it would be too expensive to send all countries to Australia.

2. France

Amir Eurovision Song Contest 2016

‘J’ai Cherché’ – Amir

On paper, this is possibly one of the most modern songs competing this year. I like that he sings both in French and English. Normally the French stick to French but it works well as a mix. It’s a nice DJ pop song that will be played widely across Europe this summer.

 3. Sweden

Frans Eurovision Song Contest 2016

‘If I were Sorry’ – Frans

To start off, I hate the fact that he uses the wrong grammar (the English teacher in me is coming out) but I suppose it’s just to make the song flow better? I wasn’t too keen for this song to win when I watched the Swedish selection but it has grown on me. It helps that it’s on the UK top 40 list on Spotify and that it also sounds exactly the same as Catch & Release with Matt Simons. I think the song stands out from the rest of the songs competing and I guess the rest of Europe might fall for Frans’ charm, just like the Swedes have.

4. Slovenia

ManuElla Eurovision Song Contest

‘Blue and Red’ – ManuElla

I think this would have had a good chance of winning it all, if her voice would have been stronger, more instruments would have been prominent and depending on how she performs it live. It’s a nice pop song with country vibes. It went well for Måns last year having a bit of country influences in his song. Questions is, did he mostly win because of the stage show?

5. Iceland

Greta Eurovision Song Contest 2016

‘Hear them Calling’ – Greta Salome

This song reminds me of Denmark’s winner in 2013 (‘Only Teardrops’ – Emmelie de Forest). That might be one of the reasons for why I really like this song. It’s a positive song and it puts me in a good mood. I hope she does well, an Icelandic win is due!

Which song do you think should win Eurovision Song Contest 2016? Will you be watching this week?

Jennie xx

*All images are snapshots from the YouTube videos.

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