Nashville Shopping Haul

Wow, I’m finally being able to share what I got up to when I visited Nashville earlier this year. It feels like a lifetime ago already but it was only two months ago. To ease you in, and keep align with the Chicago posts, I’ll start with sharing what I bought when I was there.

Durango Cowgirl Boots

When leaving for my holiday, I didn’t see Nashville as a city for shopping and I still don’t. However, I did come back home with a pair of cowgirls boots, as I had said from the start I wanted. I also picked up a couple of other unexpected things.

All the shops on the Broadway strip are country orientated: cowboy boots, checkered shirts, cowboy hats and any other accessories you might associate when thinking of country music. It’s fun but not the are to go to for shopping, unless this is what you’re after. If you travel in trees it’s great as most boots shops have 3 for 1 offers on. Not so great when you’re on your own as why on earth would I need three pairs, how could I possibly fit to bring three pairs with me home?

I had to search high and low to find a decent pair of boots for a decent price. I wanted a black pair (don’t pretend to be chocked, I always go for black) whit subtle details not to stand out too much. Most pairs that I did see were very extravagant and colourful so it wasn’t an easy task but I managed. I’ve forgot what the little shop is called where I bought my Durango boots.

Durango boots

These boots are so comfortable. I can really recommend cowgirl boots for those with wide calves like myself. I never fit in ‘normal’ boots and it’s a real shame because I think it looks really cool. Well, maybe I should have been a country singer and I could wear boots that fit me all the time! I won’t be wearing these often, need to find an excuse soon. I did wear them in Nashville, when we went to The Grand Ole Opry to watch a show, and I fitted right in!


When I was out one day looking for the famous Bluebird Café i walked past an Anthropologie store and couldn’t resist walking in. They had a massive sale on and I found this lovely knitted jumper. Since summer here hasn’t been the greatest, I’ve already had chance to wear it a couple of times. I’ve recently invested in a low cut tank top to wear underneath as well to show off the details on the back better.

Black knitted jumper Zodiac sign trinket

I also picked up this cute trinket in Anthropologie. It’s been in use since for jewellery that I wear more frequently so I don’t have to open and close my jewellery box all.the.time!

The Shoppes on Main

The Shoppes on Main is a curiousa shop in Franklin, one of Nashville’s many town areas, has more or less everything you can imagine when it comes to gift and interior shopping. I was admiring their wall full of inspirational quote frames, to hang on the wall or decorate with around the house, for ages. I finally decided to buy the one I had seen quite early on: “If I had a British accent, I would never shut up”.

I thought it was really funny and definitely sums up American people on how they feel about the British accent. I don’t even speak it that well myself because of my subtle Swedish accent mixing in but throughout my holiday many people did comment and thought I sounded very exotic (blushes and cry laughs at the same time).

Wall Art

I also picked up a couple of post cards with Nashville landmarks and country related designs on them. Hopefully one day I’ll get to create my own wall art gallery and that’s where they’ll be featured.

I’m really happy with my purchases. Can’t go empty handed from a single place I visit, ha! fingers crossed my boots will be featured here and on social media a bit more now.

Jennie xx