Accessory details

It’s very rare that I’m 100% happy with the outfits I wear. There is so much more potential in all of them, due to various reasons as time in the morning, mood, good or bad hair day etc. When I do find an outfit I’ve perfected, I like to show how happy I am with it. Unfortunately, I was on my own the day I wore this so this so no full figure photos. It doesn’t matter too much as I believe the reason the outfit felt perfect was all due to the accessories. Let’s have a look at what made this outfit I wore for my day visit to London.

Gold accessories

Dress – Select | Loafers – ASOS | Necklace – Balsamik | Ring – Gina Tricot | Bracelet – Lighthouse Union Store | Hot pants – H&M

With a couple of sunny days and me taking advantage this time to press and get tanned, I felt confident enough to walk out in a short dress with bare legs. One problem I do have spending long and hot days bare legged is that I sometimes get rashes on my inner thighs from them brushing against each other when I walk. To overcome this, an idea is to wear hot pants underneath the dress. Mine has nice lace details at the end, which looks quite cute as it shows a a little sitting down.

Lace hotpants

If you follow me on Instagram, you will have seen these loafers in a number of #ootd posts. I’m really happy with them: they look good to dress up and down an outfit, fit most occasions and they’re comfy. The gold buckles worked really well on this day, matching the necklace and the other jewellery.


I’m never one for wearing statement necklaces but this dress has the perfect collar for it. It’s quite high so a big necklace will always look good! I was given this necklace after attending Balsamik’s press event less than a year ago. I’ve only worn it once before but it looks like it’ll always accompany this denim dress every time from now on.

Statement necklace

The ring has been part of my jewellery repertoire for a while. I swap between this and the one I got from Jewellerybox a while ago. It’s still holding up fine, despite not being real gold. A tip I learnt from one of my colleagues and fellow blogger is to paint the ring on the inside with clear nail polish to avoid it leaving green marks when your fingers get a bit warm. Works a treat!

My latest jewellery addition is this star bangle which I bought from the Lighthouse Union Store during the #LighthouseSpeedFriending event. When we had a look through their jewellery cabinet, this stood out to me straight away and I felt it was quite a ‘me’ piece of jewellery. I’ve worn it a couple of times already and doesn’t it fit in perfect in this outfit?

Gold jewellery

There you have it, my perfect outfit built fully on accessories: a statement necklace, lace hot pants, loafers and more gold accessories.

What makes or breaks an outfit for you? Do you have outfits you feel you have perfected and want to wear every day?

Jennie xx