Make-up products

When you get older you start to find the make-up style that fits you and you stick to it. Sometimes I find it a bit tedious but at the same time, why change something that works really well?

Although I know how I want to look I can still experiment in finding the perfect products giving me that final finish. Benefit (absolutely love Benefit) is close as you’ll be able to tell in this post but before I find all of my favourites I thought I would show you my make-up ritual as it stands at the moment.

1. Base

Foundation products

I’d say I got a combination skin type with parts of the face being oily and other a bit more dry. I first apply the matifying primer, on the T-zone and also to my cheeks. After that I apply the POREfessional on the T-zone and and eyeshadow primer on my eyelids and under my eyes. I very rarely use eyeshadow but this helps to hold my eyeliner as well.

I finish off the base with a BB creme. I used to use Loreal’s for a long time but when Rimmel London had an offer in Boots I decided to try it and that was a lucky draw. The matte finish is great and it lasts longer than Loreal’s which started to give me a shine half way through the day.

Make-Up base before and after

Matifying Primer & Eyeshadow Primer – Lumene

(I always buy Lumene when I go back to Sweden as it’s a Finnish brand and I can’t find it here)

POREfessionals – Benefit

BB Creme – Rimmel London

2. Eyes

Eye Make-Up products

As mentioned, my eyes is where I put most focus and therefore also the most effort. At the minute I alternate between a black liquid and a pencil eyeliner on my upper lashline. I find it easier to apply the liquid eyeliner but it also gives a more dramatic look. The pencil took me a while to get the hang of and I can definitely advice to have it pointy for easier application. I also use the pencil eyeliner for my bottom lashline.

The blue gel eyeliner I apply on my waterline to enhance my blue eye colour. At first I was a bit sceptic, metallic blue make-up is very 80’s but after giving it a go at a blogger event at The Body Shop I had to buy it.

I have had difficulties finding a mascara that I’m satisfied with but now that I have I’ll never give up Benefit’s ‘they’re Real!’ It’s so easy to apply and it doesn’t lump. What more do you want? Oh yeah, that it makes the lashes look longer and it does. I’ve been asked plenty of time if my lashes are real so this mascara sure lives up to its name.

Lastly I use an eyebrow pencil in light brown to enhance my almost non existent eyebrows. Although they’re not that prominent I’m happy to keep them light but still give them a bit of colour so that they look more defined and fit in better with the rest of the make-up.

Eye Make-Up before and after

Black Liquid Eyeliner – Lord & Berry

Black Pencil Eyeliner – ModelCo

Blue Gel Eyeliner – The Body Shop

they’re Real! mascara – Benefit

Arch de Triumph eyebrow pencil – Soap & Glory Arch de Triumph

3. Lips and Cheeks

Lips and Cheeks make-up products

I first heard about benetint from one of my mum’s friends. She wears it all the time and suggested it to my mum. When I was in NY a couple of years ago I finally took the courage to buy it myself and never regretted it since. Just a little drop to smudge out on your cheeks is enough to give them a rosy and fresh look. I use the High Beam really hight up on my cheeks as well, just to highlight the cheekbones.

Earlier this year I won a Benefit competition where I won, amongst other stuff, all these products. The balms have soon run out so I need to invest in more because they are gorgeous. They give enough colour to highlight the lips, they smell nice and they’re lovely to apply on the lips. The perfect mix between a lip balm and a lipstick.

I alternate with these two colours on lips and cheeks depending on my mood, occasion and season.

Lips and Cheeks Make-Up before and after

Benetint rouge, Posietint rouge, Benebalm, Posiebalm & High Beam – Benefit

As you can see I keep it very simple with focus on my eyes as I’d say they’re my best face feature. If I do feel my outfit needs something extra I go for a red lipstick. Something I’ve started to learn to wear in the last year and I do feel a lot more confident wearing it now. Read about the red lipsticks I wear here.

I also have to admit that it’s not every day that I put all of this make-up on. Mostly I settle for just the mascara when I go to work but if I’m off out after, this is what I wear and slave to every weekend.

How does your make-up look like? Do you go full on or a more subtle look?

Jennie xx