You might have seen my picture on Instagram of the cute packaging Jewellerybox does. It’s a great selling point of theirs. Who wouldn’t want to accept something small and pretty in a rustic and old school packaging like that? I was lucky to receive three jewellery boxes* a couple of weeks ago and I’m so pleased with all the jewellery I got. Let’s take a closer look!

Jewellery Jewellerybox

Silver Anklet

As I mentioned in my fake tanning post, I like to roll up the ends of my trousers to show my ankles when the sun starts to some out. Not having to wear high top socks means I can also wear lovely anklets. I own a few but you can’t have too many, can you? From Jewellerybox, I picked a really simple and minimalistic anklet design. This is a sterling silver, 1 mm beaded anklet. I love it because it goes with everything and that it’s very subtle. It also comes in a chain design but I thought this is a little bit cuter.

Silver anklet

Personalised Silver Bracelet

More or less everything can be personalised nowadays. When I was a child, it was only tourist stuff, book marks, cups etc. but now you can get your name on everything. It’s a nice touch and I suppose it no longer matters if everyone owns the same thing, as long as you have a personal message on it, it feels more like one of a kind.

I wanted something to match my anklet, in fact this sterling silver bracelet also comes as an anklet, but I wanted the bracelet version. The bar in the middle is free to have engraved but you’re limited to three characters. When you think about it though, there are loads of words with only three letters. Anyway, I first thought I’d get my initials (JML) but that’s apparently also a brand so I picked an easy one, Jen.

Personalised bracelet

Silver Ring with Black Agate

I must say, this is my favourite of all the jewellery I received. I have been looking for a black matte ring, similar to the silver ones I got in the Swedish sale haul, for a long time but not found one. When I saw this, I forgot all about those and knew I’d found something better. It’s so nice, I want to wear it every day.

It’s a sterling silver ring and the black round bit is called agate. The ring is adjustable and I really like that. Sometimes, in summer time, my fingers swell a bit so I’m cautious about wearing rings as they can feel tight. Wearing this won’t be a problem should I have to enlarge it when it gets hot and my fingers swell.

Black agate ring

I’m bringing all these on my holiday next week. Probably one or two pairs of earrings as well and I should be sorted for day to day and evening use.

Do you own any jewellery from Jewellerybox? Which jewellery is your favourite?

Jennie xx

*PR samples. All views are my own.