Pick-me-up Songs

We all have our ups and downs. I try not to let my downs last for a long time. Usually I’m alright after a couple of hours, the next day or just after listening to the best songs. I’ve listed my top 5 list of pick-me-up songs in this post. I’m by no means only allowed to listen to these when I’m a little low, they’re great for any occasion but especially to set a good mood.

Common People

1. Common People – Pulp

This song brings so many memories from my teens and early twenties. I love the song and so does my best friend. When it comes on, she’s the first one I think about (fingers crossed she still thinks of me as well when she hears it…). For loving it so much, it’s crazy I don’t know all the lyrics (shame on me) but I prefer to dance, even jump when I hear it. It makes me feel ok being a common person and not having to be different all the time.

2. Dancing On My Own – Robyn

I’ve had trouble getting used to Callum Scott’s version of this song but the original by Robyn stuck straight away.  I don’t mind dancing on my own at all, it’s too much fun to care. I sometimes dance on my own in my flat, I’ve got the space so why not? All Robyn’s songs are good pick-me-ups, ‘Call Your Girlfriend’ was close to making the list. I know both of them tackle sad experiences but sometimes those are the things you need to hear to realise you’re not so bad.

Can't stop the feeling

3. Can’t Stop The Feeling – Justin Timberlake

If I can’t stop dancing to Pulp and Robyn, I most certainly can’t to this song. Wow, it gives me that dancing feeling already at the first second. If any song could be my theme tune, this would be it. I don’t think I need to say anything else, it’s self explanatory. Oh actually, it was kind of special that Justin performed this song at the Eurovision Song Contest Final in Stockholm earlier this year.

4. Cool Girl – Tove Lo

Cool Girl is what I am, or at least like to see myself as. What you reckon? Listening to this song I certainly feel very cool so it’s doing the job right.

New Shoes

5. New Shoes – Paolo Nutini

Paolo Nutini’s songs never die. I’ve always thought of ‘New Shoes’ as the best one. The title and lyrics remind me how I sometimes need to change the shoes I’m wearing, look at things from a different perspective, walk a different path or just shake the old stuff off and I’m happy again. You try it and see what happens.

What’s your go to pick-me-up songs? If you don’t listen to music, what helps you get out of a little rut, a downer or shake off a bad feeling?

Jennie xx