Must Eats in Trinity Kitchen

There’s a new line-up in Trinity Kitchen in Leeds. Doesn’t it feel like just the other week I told you about the February line up? Well, time flies so those have been replaced by seven new street food vendors. On offer is Eat Like a Greek, Jah Jyot Punjabi Street Food, Chimney Chicks, Gondola Raclette, BangWok, Vincenzo the Prosecco Van and Angus McVenison.

I have only tried Eat Like a Greek before and as a Greek food lover, they’re ace. It’s nice to see that many street vendors come back so if you don’t get the chance to try them the other time around, they’ll hopefully be back.

One thing I noticed and have to mention is that the big windows facing the street outside has been closed shut. I hope it’s only temporary as the window seats are the best in the house. There’s still plenty of seating space but it definitely affects the look of Trinity Kitchen.

Vincenzo the Prosecco Van

Prosecco Van Prosecco in hand!

This is the first van you’ll see entering the temporary street food section of Trinity Kitchen. It’s so cute and lovely yellow looking, full of prosecco and accompanying toppers to choose from. Prosecco is nice on its own but if you prefer a sweeter taste, there are so many toppers you can add for your perfect flavour. Vincenzo the Prosecco Van offer strawberry, elderflower, blackberry, blueberry and lemon mixers, all served up nicely in plastic prosecco glasses. Best bit, for every prosecco you buy, the next one’s price is knocked down so you can afford more than one. As a company, they also offer cocktail classes (not in Trinity) so they must know what they’re talking about.

Gondola Raclette

Gondola RacletteRaclette Hot Dog

Prior to this visit, I knew Gondola Raclette is serving up their cheesy treats here. I love raclette cheese and after enjoying their pulled pork burger at last year’s Cocktails in the City event I didn’t want to miss out on this Swiss cheese. Sharing with Tina, who isn’t known for loving cheese, I was worried it would be a no at first but turns out she likes raclette. It’s a good thing they offer samples to try prior to buying. We had the sausage option which is served sliced up in a big sourdough bun, with a bit of rocket, loads of cheese (of course), caramelised onion chutney and French mustard. I’ve never seen brown mustard like this before but it’s so tasty. The cheese got a bit too much for Tina whilst I couldn’t get enough.

Chimney Chicks

You can’t miss these Bulgarian sweet treats walking past the van or checking out Leeds based Instagram feeds. They look so cool and I really did want one but after trying all the other foods, I was too full to possibly fit one in. They’re massive! I know I could have bought it purely for a photo but I was happy to try out the samples they handed out. The samples don’t look near as enough impressive as the fully stacked unicorn horn looking cones but you get the idea of the taste. They’re a sweet yeast dough filled with toppings like strawberry, peanut and chocolate sauce. Chimney Chicks have recently started out so for now only focusing on sweet versions in the hopes to later also add savory options.

Jah Jyot Punjabi Street Food

Chicken Masala DosaJah Jyot Punjabi curry

The highlight of my evening and definitely one you don’t want to miss out on. There is a reason they have won street food awards. Their Indian style filled pancakes (Chicken Masala Dosa) are unreal and both the vegetarian (Paneer Makhani) and chicken (Chicken Saag) curries are to die for. None of them too hot so if you worry about Asian food being too spicy, you’re safe here. Just enough to give it a little kick but above spice you can tell that Jah Jyot Punjabi is all about flavours. If you can’t decide which one to go for, ask for a mix like we did so you get the best of both worlds.

Have you been to Trinity Kitchen this time around yet? What’s your favourite so far?

Jennie xx

*I was kindly invited to come and sample this delicious food in return for this post. All words and views are as always my own.