Nashville Must Do's

When I was driving in Nashville (humming on “when I was walking in Memphis”) I was able to visit a lot of places, all situated in different areas within Nashville. You might have remembered from a previous post I said you need a car in order to visit all the places worth seeing. I’ve listed five in this post: quick stops that are worth doing if you’re ever in Nashville.

GooGoo Shop

The GooGoo shop is a sweets shop and cafe based in Downtown Nashville, on a side street between Broadway and the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. I spotted this little gem on Twitter before going and thought their GooGoo sweets sounded delicious so I had to go. If you have a sweet tooth like me, pay them a visit as it’s a Nashville treat, not easy to find outside of the city. A chewy marshmallow, caramel and chocolate treat which comes in different flavours but I stuck to the originals.


Shelby Street Bridge, Nashville Waterfront

Not far from Broadway and the home arena for Nashville’s American football club you find the Shelby Street Bridge which overlooks Nashville’s waterfront. The pedestrian bridge is really cool with its white iron framing and arched pathway. Standing on it you get a beautiful view over the river and Nashville’s “high” buildings. Wherever you are in Downtown Nashville you can’t miss the ‘Bat Tower’.

Shelby Street BridgeNashville Waterfront


Franklin is a cute little suburb to Nashville. My cousin and her family don’t live far away from here so this is the place they regularly visit to go out for food, cinema and a bit of shopping. I really liked Franklin, it’s so cute with the small buildings, independent restaurants and shops side by side filling up the main street. This is where I found the little gift shop and bought my English accent quote wall art. We wemt for lunch here one day, at a Greek restaurant and had a massive salad. I love Greek food, a shame there’s not more Greek restaurants in Leeds.

Franklin main street Franklin church

The Bluebird Cafe

For those of you who watch Nashville (it’s my guilty pleasure), the TV drama starring Connie Britton, Hayden Panettiere and many more, The Bluebird Cafe is a place well known. I hadn’t heard of it before I started watching this. Even though I knew it’s a really tiny place, difficult to get tickets for, I didn’t think it would be situated in such an anonymous place, I was baffled to see it’s hidden between a hair salon and a cleaners offices. It’s close to the area Green Hills which is also worth a visit in combination with the cafe, unless you manage to get over tickets to this venue.

The Bluebird Cafe


Yep, I’m not making this up, Nashville has their own full size replica of Athen’s Parthenon. I hadn’t heard of it before and when my cousin suggested I’d go, I first didn’t believe her. It felt really odd and obscure for Nashville to have a Greek monument not far from the city centre. I never went inside to see the Athena statue, it was enough for me to admire this massive build from the outside. I imagine it to look beautiful at night, all lit up.


There you have it: five places in Nashville well worth a visit. Find out about the more known places to visit in Nashville in my posts about the music museums, Grand Ole Opry, Downtown Nashville and Hattie B’s for great food.

Jennie xx