100% silk duvet

We spend on average a third of our lives sleeping in bed. That’s a long time! I have already slept for 10 years but never have I had a nicer bed than I do now. My bed is more or less complete after receiving a 100% mulberry silk duvet* from Silk Bedding Direct. Previously I’ve invested in a mattress and white silk bedding and with all three combined, I’m having the best sleeps ever. Not only sleeps, but my duvet days have seriously improved.

Mulberry Silk Duvet100% silk duvet

With darker days, I want to spend more time on bed and at the weekends, I do just that. With all the training I do, it’s important to have days off, resting both my body and mind. I love waking up early at the weekend but stay in bed catching up on tv shows I’ve missed during the week, reading book or spend time on social media interacting with you guys. With a comfy duvet a la hotel style, it’s so much easier and snugglier.

Silk Bedding Direct Duvet

My first impression receiving the duvet is the hotel feel. I finally know what type of duvets they use and let me tell you, my previous duvet has nothing on this. It’s thinner but still gives the same warmth and it’s so cosy to snuggle up under. I opted for the spring/autumn thickness as I get fairly warm whilst sleeping. I’m perhaps the last one in England right now but I’ve still got my window open at night. I am tempted to invest in a second of these mulberry silk duvets in the same thickness just in case it gets colder during the winter months. All the duvets come with hooks so that you can clip them together, making two of these a winter duvet. They’re available in all sizes from single to super king.

Silk Bedding Direct duvetSilk Bedding Direct

Benefits of mulberry silk duvet

Apart from the duvet being light, comfy and snug around you whilst sleeping, it has other benefits as well. The protein Sericin in the silk helps delay skin ageing (whoop to that) and nourishes the hair (another whoop). Silk Bedding Direct say they are the only brand still hand sewing their duvets which helps improving the insulation quality of the duvet, making it airier. This means it retains heat and keeps me warm during colder nights and let excess heat escape if I get too hot. Basically it regulates the sleeping temperature, just like my mattress. If you have asthma or allergies this is an ideal duvet because silk is hypo-allergenic.

How do you sleep at night? Do you take duvet days to rest and gain energy for the next day or week ahead?

Jennie xx

*PR gift. I was kindly sent this mulberry silk duvet in return for this post. Photos, words and views are as always my own.