It’s Mother’s Day in a couple of weeks so what better that to write a fashion tribute to the most inspiring mum I know? There are so many things my mum has done for me over the years I’ve been around. Together with my dad, she supports every decision I make (big or small), help out when I’m financially stuck (luckily very very rarely) unconsciously she’s inspired my taste for music, beauty and fashion, amongst other things.

Silver outfit on bridgeSpring outfit in woods

Touching on the latter, I’ve recently realised that it’s most likely my mum that’s influenced me in the way I dress. We both love black, sometimes spice it up with monochrome polka dots or stripes and of course we both have an obsession with bags and shoes. We might not have the same taste in what type of shoes we wear but we’re both easily swayed into investing in a new pair, even if we don’t necessarily need them.

Silver shoes and bag Silver bag Silver metallic shoes

I love these metallic statement shoes* kindly sent to me by Moda In Pelle for their #mymumandme campaign. They’re perfect for spring which is fast approaching and I love the wedged heel. It’s always daunting wearing new shoes for the first time as you never know if they’ll give you blisters or not but these straight away fit like Cinderella’s glass shoe. They’re super comfy and the foamy heel is great; giving me a really comfy and sprung feel walking in them. I also love the eye catching colour (might scare dogs off but who cares) which will make any outfit stand out. They match perfectly with my new silver bag which I’ve been wanting one for a long time. I found this, the perfect bag, in River Island – in the sales (win, win!).

Leather skirt outfit on bridge Metallic silver shoes sitting down

Cardigan – boohoo
Flowery top – Joy
Leather skirt – Oasis
Silver Bag – River Island
Metallic Shoes – Moda in Pelle

I can’t see my mum buying these silver metallic shoes but we’re both fans of stylish yet comfy shoes so maybe she would. I did ask her how she’d style them if they were hers and I was right about two things; black clothes (of course) and ankle cut trousers. I like her idea of styling these shoes with a black base, topped with a this silver bomber jacket and a small patterned scarf a la 60’s style. I think she’d look really cool and it’s a look I could see myself wearing. Despite being in her early 70’s my mum is still very stylish and youthful in her clothing. I can only hope I’ll stay as stylish when I reach her age.

Have you and your mum got similar style? How else has she inspired you? Are you celebrating Mother’s Day but not sure what to gift her. Why not treat her to some new shoes? Moda In Pelle has a competition where you can win a pair both for you and her. Make sure to also check out their new arrivals page for the shoes to choose from.

Mum, thanks for being the best mum there is. I love you loads, despite moving abroad and not being able to be there on the big day.

Jennie xx

*PR sample. All views are my own.