I never shared my July bullet journal setup but that’s because I was late to having it drawn out and I also messed it up. I forgot to leave space for the intro page. Anyway, I still wanted to share a bullet journal post so I thought I’d share some ideas of different mood trackers to use. I always go with a design that fits in with the theme of the month.

Over the last half year (how is it already July?!), I’ve used a heart design (Feb), lemon slices (June) and stars (Jan) to name a few. I think for my next one, I’ll draw a mood mandala. I used to draw them a lot at the start of my bullet journal journey and I miss them. Anyway, here are seven bullet journal mood tracker ideas for you.

Bullet journal mood tracker ideas

A mood tracker is a page or spread in your bullet journal where you track your daily mood for the month. You can set as many different moods as you want, picking a different colour or symbol for each. I use six different moods: happy, sad, stressed, relaxed, ugh and productive. I like looking back at months to see a pattern in my moods as sometimes I have a feeling the month hasn’t been great but looking back, actually it was. Or vice versa.

You’re a Superstar

I started off this year with a star themed bullet journal setup. Stars are easy to draw and they also look great. Who doesn’t want to be a star?! I outlined one star for each day which was coloured in in the colour of my over weighing mood that day.

Mood tracker ideas stars

Listen to Your Heart

This is my favourite mood tracker design so far this year. In February, I went for a Valentine’s Day theme.  Instead of drawing individual hearts for each day, I sectioned off 29 (leap year) areas in one big heart. I love how it turned out after each day and cololur had been filled in.

Mood tracker ideas heart

Eggcellent Work

April is all about Easter and eggs are probably the easiest to draw out many of. I outlined one for each day and decorated them with different patterns. Because I only use one colour per day I thought they’d at least look a little bit decorated with patterns.

Mood tracker ideas Easter

Lift Me Up

I love balloons and I have always wanted to go in a hot air balloon. The closest I’ve got is drawing out one in my bullet journal. I decided to only section of the balloon itself to colour in and not the basket. It turned out fairly colourful in the end.

Mood tracker ideas hot air balloon

Mood Mandala

If you have a lot of time on your hands, I recommend drawing out a mood mandala as your mood tracker of the month. To prepare, you draw out a circle for each day of the month. Daily, you add the colour of your mood. After a couple of days, you can go in with a black marker and draw a pattern. You always have to think in eights to make the pattern even. Here’s a great Mood Mandala tutorial if it’s your first time attempting it.

Mood tracker ideas mood mandala

Creep it Real

In May, Cinco de Mayo is celebrated so I took the opportunity to draw out a sugar skull. I kept the outline of the skull plain and created patterns for each day to colour in. Cool and effective finished result. I may use it again in October for Halloween.

Mood tracker ideas sugar skull

What’s your favourite mood tracker design? Do you use a Mood Tracker in your bullet journal. Let me know if you use any of these designs so I can have a look.

Jennie xx