MOD Leeds

Leeds keeps on expanding with great pizza places. My favourite is Ecco Pizzeria and I’ve had pasta from That’s Amore and need to try their pizza. Pizza Express isn’t too bad but they all have to watch out for the latest addition – MOD at Cardigan Fields.

MOD is an American pizza chain, opening up their first outside US doors in Leeds. It’s been brought over by the same man who introduced us to Five Guys. I’m not a massive fan of the latter but very happy in his choice bringing us MOD. They’ve just recently opened up but I’ve already heard great things; everyone’s a happy customer gladly recommending the pizzas.  I was excited when I was invited to go and see what their all about.

By the looks from outside, I could already tell it would be a great experience. I love a bit of street art and MOD’s is really cool, adding a nice local touch to make it extra special for Leeds. On arrival, I was enthusiastically greeted by the restaurant manager, Richard, and introduced to the simply and straight forward concept of MOD over a nice cold Punk beer. You either pick a suggested pizza from the menu or you can, for the same price!, make your own with as many toppings you’d like. The difference from America is that MOD in Leeds offer living wage and extra service clearing your table instead of you having to do so yourself.

MOD pizza menuMOD interior

I was surprised about the restaurant being so big but I think they’ve done a great job section on it up with booths, partially lower ceilings, bar tables, massive tables for a larger group and tables for twos along the windows. There’s also some fab wall decorations going on, including graffiti and a picture assembly.

Customised Made Pizza

Both my date and I decided to go with the customised made option. I was a bit overwhelmed by all the options for sauce, spices, meats, vegetables and cheese toppings but the ladies did a great job helping me and also had fun whilst doing so. I had a MOD size pizza (11″) with red sauce and fresh pesto for the base. For toppings I went with salami, pepperoni, artichoke, roasted red peppers, mushrooms and mozzarella cheese to top it off.

There were loads of people queuing up before and after us so the idea of having your names written on the oven proof paper is fab! We could sit back down, enjoy some more beer  whilst waiting for our names to be called out when our pizzas were ready. They have a massive pizza oven so it didn’t take long at all. Good to remember in case you come here starving.

MOD customised pizza

Everyone who’s raved about MOD were right, the pizzas are amazing! No soggy bottoms here – whoop! I forgot to take a picture of one of the slices on their own to show you that they don’t flop down at the end. Lovely crisp crust and I could taste all the flavours from my toppings. The pizza is pre-cut into four pieces and I only managed to eat two and half of them. I would normally have had it all if it wasn’t for the filling beer and some garlic bread to start. No worries though, doggy bags are available.

MOD pizza

We had a great evening enjoying the atmosphere, feel at home customer service and of course tasty food! I think this location is great for MOD. There are lots of students in the area but also film enthusiasts who can easily, and for a great price (£7.49), enjoy a meal here prior or after a cinema visit.

If you haven’t been to MOD yet – go, go, go! Off you have tasted their pizzas, what did you have and what did you think?

Jennie xx