Miss Tunica Nikki Black Diamond

I’m not going to apologise for bombarding you with holiday posts and beach photos. The best thing about going back to Sweden over summer are the beach hangs. I prefer the beaches over on Öland. The island I was born and bread on. It has a special place in my heart and there’s something extra special with its air, beaches and water. Even though it’s the same water as on the mainland it feels different. Weird I know but being from Öland, weird is a good word to describe us all.

Kalmar and Ölandsbron

Anyways, I went to Öland one of the days to spend at the beach. My mum and I found a secluded space all to our selves which was amazing. Overlooking the mainland with Kalmar city and Ölandsbron which is the bridge connecting Öland with the mainland. It’s not many places or beaches that has such a gorgeous view.

My niece cycled down to hang with us for a while. I’ve not seen her for a while so we had a good catch-up. Before she arrived and more swim thirsty people arrived, my mum had a chance to take some photos of me in my beach tunics from Miss Tunica*. They’re a Swedish brand but they ship internationally. They have lots of nice and luxurious beach tunics and kaftans to chose from. Many are very colourful and look stunning but I am who I am so I went for low key patterns and colours but two different styles.

Miss Tunica Zoe Deep Leopard Leopard print tunicaLeopard print beach wearMiss Tunica Leopard Print Tunica

Zoe Deep Leaopard

Zoe Deep Leopard is a long tunic, cardigan style with one small button in bust height. The seams are fully covered in small gold sequins to make the tunic feel a little bit extra luxurious. It’s very thin, made in 70% viscose and 30% silk chiffon. I love that it’s so light as it nicely it flows when walking and in the wind if standing still. Although it’s a beach tunic, I’m planning on wearing this for other occasions.

Miss Tunica Black KaftanMiss Tunica Low Cut KaftanMiss Tunica Nikki Black Diamond

Nikki Black Diamond

The Nikki Black Diamond kaftan is a much shorter version (hip length) and with a much deeper v-neck line so quite revealing. I love the handmade metal beads decoration around the neckline! This tunic is very see through so in these photos I’m wearing a black slip dress underneath to make it look a bit more dressed. At the beach I don’t mind it being see through but it’s nice to wear a fully covered piece underneath when travelling to and from the beach. You can tell how see through it is by looking at the side tag. I wish my mum and I would have noticed it when taking the photos but the sun was too bright to spot it in the camera, sorry!

What do you wear to the beach? Have you ever thought about wearing beach tunics for other occasion than to the beach?

Jennie xx

*I was kindly sent these two tunics and slip dress from Miss Tunica in return for this blog post. All photos, words and views are as always my own.