Normally I prep my bullet journal setup a week before the new month starts but I totally forgot. Perhaps because I don’t use it as much daily during lockdown but also, how are we already in May?! With Cinco de Mayo coming up, not to confuse with the day of the dead, I thought I’d theme this months setup with Mexican sugar skulls. I love skulls so this is the perfect month to incorporate them. They might make another appearance in October for Halloween. Here’s my May bullet journal setup.

May Bullet Journal Title Page

This is my favourite title page of the year so far. I love the sugar skull idea and it was so easy to draw out. For the outline, I used the cookie cutters shaped as Mexican sugar skulls that I own. I also took inspiration from their pattern drawing out my own. Instead of colouring in the full skull I’ve only added colour to the pattern. This because I don’t want the pages to go too wrinkly and I find this way they fit in better with my minimalism theme.

May Bullet Journal Title Page

May Monthly Spread

May’s monthly spread looks exactly the same as April’s spread in terms of layout. I’ve only perfected the boxes a bit and of course changed to the sugar skull theme. This monthly spread setup is what I’ll use every month moving forward. It gives a clear overview of the month and I use all the boxes.

May Bullet Journal Setup

Bullet Journal May Trackers

Mood Tracker

I drew out a bigger skull outline than to the cookie cutters I have on this page. Then I chose a pattern that would make 31 different parts to colour in. One for each day of the month. I love that the sugar skull will come to life each day as the month goes by. Hopefully it’ll be a colourful one in the end. I find that my mood is very up and down during lockdown. It’s hard not knowing when it’ll come to an end and not having anything specific to look forward to. I have booked in a couple of virtual meets with friends which help.

May Bullet Journal Trackers

Habit Tracker

I’ve kept this the same like previous months. In the last two, I used the same colour as my daily mood to fill it in but I find that looks messy. This month around I’m going to use the same colour for each week. That means only four colours and hopefully gives a better overview at a glance. I might try using patterns instead of bulk colours in June. We shall see. How do you fill out your habit trackers?

Bullet Journal Weekly Spread

Instead of outlining each week on a full spread, I’ve used one spread to feature all four weeks. I’m counting the first three days of the month into the first full week of the month here. I don’t use the bullet journal daily more than colouring in my mood and ticking off things in my habit tracker. For tasks and “events” I add them up on a weekly basis to save room. Like I mentioned last month, I don’t have that much going on to fill it with other than work and exercise.

May Bullet Journal Weekly Spreads

Have you set up your May bullet journal? What theme did you run with? Are you still using a bullet journal or have you put it on the shelf during lockdown?

Jennie xx