Mans Market

I can count the times I’ve been to a Chinese restaurant in Leeds on one hand. I love Chinese but I feel more comfortable ordering the food from a takeaway rather than visit a restaurant. There is definitely a gap in the market, the owner of Mans Market noticed and after discovering the restaurant myself, I will soon be able to count my Chinese restaurant visits on the second hand as well.

Mans Market has recently opened up in Leeds, in an area not far from where I live and just outside of city centre. I couldn’t be more happier to have a cool place like this to eat so close by.  It’s a great location, an area that needs more visitors and will from now on. Not just because of Mans Market but since the Central Square Leeds recently opened up with an M&S Food store and more stores to come as well. You will find the door to Mans Market between Lazy Lounge and Primo. You can’t miss the red neon sign reflecting in opposite glass buildings.

Mans Market Concept and Interior

Mans Market entrance

I loved Mans Market as soon as I saw the sign, it automatically draws you in. Don’t come here if you’re starving as you’ll spend quite a fare few minutes admiring the decoration entering. The idea behind the entrance and decoration comes from Hong Kong’s Ladies Markets. They’re apparently full of products and souvenirs to buy andi f you know where you’re going or who to ask, the markets look completely different behind the curtain of souvenir masses, just like Mans Market.

The bar and restaurant is based downstairs, in the basement and has a completely different feel to the entrance and stairs. The bar and restaurant has a very tranquil, hip, street food feeling over it. It’s really quirky and at first impression maybe even messy with all the things going on. Looking closer you can tell that everything has its own place and is well thought through.

Mans Market restaurant

It’s an open plan restaurant, with a hole in the wall so you can see the chefs cooking. There is a bigger cubicle near the kitchen which you can book out if you fancy some privacy and also a bigger area which has been sectioned off for private parties. This is the area we were sat in during our tasting session. I really enjoyed it as it has the best view of the restaurant, you see everything that’s going on. And there’s a lot going on, Mans Market is full of details that you want to explore and learn more about. I reckon every time you come in, you’ll find something new to be amazed by.

Mans Market Menu

Instead of offering every single dish from here to China, Mans Market has decided to only offer the favourites, the dishes they know everyone enjoys, and added their own twist to every single one. The presentation of each dish is amazing and makes the whole experience a lot more fun. I mean, look at the lovely idea of serving a cocktail (Hong Kong Island Tea) in a take-away box, having the chicken hanging on a skewer in order to poor the sweet and sour sauce over them on to the plate, the Around The World Curry served in a small wok, Dim Sum in a box and even the Prawn Crackers had a different shape to what I’m used to.

Mans Market cocktailMans Market foodMans Market menu

I absolutely loved the Salmon Fillet, The Firecracker King Prawns, the Salt, Pepper, Spring Onion & Chili Calamari, the Singapore Flat Noodles, the Egg Fried Rice (normally not a fan) and Mans Markets own version of a Fortune Cookie: chocolate biscuit/cake served with vanilla ice cream. I could go on but I hope you get the idea that this food is too good to be true. If my list isn’t good enough, check out the full drinks and food menu on their website.

If you want to know more about Mans Market, I suggest you go there yourself or with me as I know a couple of fun details you wouldn’t think of or realise unless you knew they’re there. I’ll be back so many times  to this place. Nice location, food, staff, atmosphere and price – win, win, win, win, win!

What’s your favourite Chinese restaurant? Have you ever been to one like Mans Market?

Jennie xx