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‘Made in Malton’ Food Producers

‘Made in Malton’ is something to be really proud of. Malton see themselves as the food capital of Yorkshire and they’re doing a great job at it. I’ve never been to Malton, nor heard of it, prior to Inntravel’s blogger event but I’ll always remember it from now on.

Malton is a very cute little village, picturesque in the same was as York is. Stunning views over the moors too so it’s well worth a visit just for the scenery. If you love food (who doesn’t) and take a particular interest in locally produced food then you’ve come to the right place! During my visit I learnt a little bit more about these five local producers.

Brass Castle Brewery

Our first stop on our local food producers tour in Malton was at the Brass Castle Brewery. It’s a small and convivial brewery, welcoming us as it’s the only thing they do. Phil talked us through the beer brewing process in the few minutes he had to do so.

We also got a chance to try two of their beers, a clear lager, Helles Lager, and their Stingo-style beer, Wallop. The lager was really nice but I’m not a fan of the darker beer as it had the slight smell and also taste of coffee. I’m definitely going to keep my eye out and ears peeled for this brewery.

Brass Castle Brewery

Roost Coffee & Roastery

This coffee bar & roastery wasn’t open when we visited but it looked really nice from the outside . We did get a sample of their coffee to take home but, as already mentioned, I don’t like coffee so I can’t tell you a thing about how it tastes. What I do like is the smell, the packaging and that it’s locally produced.

Roost Coffee is a family business, trading from their coffee bar & roastery and Malton’s monthly food market. If you like Espresso and Single Origin coffee, check these guys out!

Roost Coffee & Roastery

Food 2 Remember

This local butcher, Food 2 Remember, is also a family business, owned by Paul. They offer a wide range of different meats. They specialise in 28 day ages sirloin but you can also buy home made fishcakes and gluten free products.

I don’t know the butchery’s full opening hours but they’re open every Sunday and also later in the day to be able to compete with bigger supermarkets. Apparently, it’s the same price buying meat from Paul as in Tesco’s, a great proof that fresh and local is better. For personal service when buying meets, visit Paul and his family.

Food 2 Remember

Passione della Pasta

This is a fresh Italian pasta business. We met the owner, Aldo, who is a lovely and welcoming man. His parents played a big part in bringing Italian food to Britain in the 50’s. In true Italian spirit these pastas are made to be enjoyed almost instantly. They have a wide selection of ravioli, tagliatelle, rigatoni, spaghetti etc. in different flavours.

We were lucky enough to receive a box of ‘Mafalde All’Uovo’. From what I understand Mafalde is a type of pasta shape and Mafalde All’Uovo is a type of Mafalde. Ha, complicated name but not in taste. I cooked it and ate it on it’s own, just to get the taste of ‘real’ pasta.

Passione della Pasta

The Groovy Moo Ice Cream

The last place we visited, served me the first real ice cream I’ve had this year. On the Sunday of our visit, the sun was out and this didn’t escape anyone in Molton. Visitor or local – everyone wanted ice cream. It was a long cue to get in to The Groovy Moo, a cue well worth to be standing in.

All ice cream is made using local fresh ingredients. The Groovy Moo has a wide selection of different ice cream flavours to choose from. All sound and look amazing so it was difficult. I ended up going for two fresh flavours, cherry and lemon. It was a good choice. The lemon ice cream almost tasted like a cocktail and together with the cherry flavour I imagined eating summer (if it was possible).

Groovy Moo Ice Cream

So there you go, a few of Malton’s finest local food producers. It’s a great selection of different food and drinks. Malton has two yearly food festivals, and one of them is on soon, at the end of May (28-29th) where some of these and more local food producers will celebrate being part of the ‘Made in Malton’ community.

Have you ever been to Malton? Did you know there are so many local producers in the North, just outside my door step?

Jennie xx

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