Flower Bouquet

Mother’s Day is only one week away. How will you be celebrating? My mum (as you probably know) is Swedish so she’ll have to wait till the end of May before I celebrate her. It’s interesting that Mother’s Day doesn’t fall on the same day worldwide. The reason why it falls on the last Sunday in May in Sweden is because of the selection of flowers. Around that time of year, many different flowers are available. I guess that’s why it’s in March in England? Flowers are definitely the most common gift to give on Mother’s Day, I reckon anyways. I’ve put together a short list of luxury Mother’s Day gift ideas in this post.

Flower Bouquet

Bouquet of Flowers

I love flowers! There’s nothing better than to come home to a big bouquet of flowers smelling gorgeous. As soon as I open the door and smell and see them, a smile on my face appears. I’ve never heard or seen anyone not be happy when receiving a bunch of flowers so this is definitely a gift you can’t go wrong with. With many online sites and florists now delivering to the door, you can order and send from anywhere in the world. It’s perfect if you sadly don’t live near your mum or don’t get a chance to see her on the day. Moonpig might not be your first choice. I too had no idea they sell so many different variations of flowers. They even have letterbox bouquets should your mum not be in on the day of delivery. So clever! This bouquet is called ‘The Strawberry Fields’* and is £45. They have bigger and smaller bouquets to choose from, varying from £22-£50.

Mother's Day Bouquet

Boxes of Tea

An afternoon tea date would be ideal but again, if you’re not around to celebrate together, send her boxes of luxury tea to enjoy at home instead. These teas from Yandra Tea Company are absolutely gorgeous. Yandra Tea* is a luxurious tea which comes in three different flavours: rose buds, silver needle and jasmine pearls. Continuing with the flower theme, how cute are these rose buds? They smell lovely too and look gorgeous when expanding in hot water. Definitely a delicious tea worth spoiling your mum with. The ‘For Fox Sake’* mug from Moonpig might not match the tea but it sure is funny and the fox is cute.

Yandra Tea

Bunch of Bath Products

Everyone deserves to take some me-time and enjoy a hot bath now and again. Bath bombs and other bath products are super popular at the moment. I have a bundle of them at home myself as I can’t get enough (now that I have hot water again) of cosy baths. Lush has plenty of fun bath bombs to choose from. This peachy number was released in time for Valentines (still available) and new have come out in time for Mother’s Day. Full selection here. The butterflies look gorgeous. Moonpig sell vegan friendly bath crumble* with a unicorn theme. Everyone wants to feel like a unicorn, right?! The ‘Himalayan Salt’* from Soakin (also vegan) is perfect for those who want to detox and soothe their skin and muscles. You can buy it at ‘Your Healthy Life Shop’, alongside plenty more health products.

Pink Bath Products

Bundle of Bangles

Jewellery is another luxury gift to give. My mum suffers from nickel allergy so jewellery from Primark or similar just wouldn’t do. Newbridge Silverware is a newly discovered jewellery company to me and they have so many pretty bangles from different brands. Here I’m wearing their ‘Bang On’* and ‘Wish Upon a Star’* bangles. They’re both gorgeous and match together really well despite being made in different types of gold. The Bang On bangle from MoonKoin is available in various colours. The gold Wish Upon a Star bangle is part of the Amy Huberman collection which has matching earrings, ring and pendant. Guess which of these bangles is for my mum and which I’ll keep to myself? (insert blushing emoji).

Newbridge Silverware bangles

How do you celebrate Mother’s Day and what will you be treating your mum to? Perhaps a new pair of shoes if nothing from this list.

Jennie xx

*These products were kindly gifted to me in return for a feature on my blog. Photos (unless other stated), words and opinions are as always my own.