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Leeds is starting to become a bit of a fitness mecca with new gyms and fitness classes being introduced. As a fitness enthusiast I don’t mind one bit. The latest and hottest trend coming from across the pond, also in London, is Lagree. Lagree is a high intensity, low impact training method which many celebrities say has transformed their bodies. So if you’re not into classes filled with jumping exercises and prefer working with your own body over heavy weights, this is the perfect training method for you.

Lorrain Jenkins and Craig Noble

I love trying new things so when owners and instructors Lorraine Jenkins and Craig Noble invited me down to their Love Lagree* studio in Leeds city centre for a trial class, followed by 3 complimentary classes, I immediately said yes. Together with other fitness bloggers (Jo and Emma) and local press, I was introduced to the Lagree method. Sebastien Lagree is an ex bodybuilder who after an injury didn’t want to risk more pain when training so he developed this method.

Love Lagree Leeds

Photo courtesy of Jo

All the work is carried out on a Megaformer machine, during a 50 minute session. It’s recommended to go twice a week but less is ok if you’re working out regularly in other forms. More sessions are advised if you do no other exercise, apart from Lagree. What’s good is that results show quickly. I felt really comfortable on the carriage already during my second session and on my fourth, I almost felt like a pro. I’m going to sign up for another four classes as when you sign up at Love Lagree, your first class is for free and the next taster package (3 sessions) is only £36.

Lagree Megaformer Lagree springs

I mostly enjoy it because all movements are done in a slow tempo, similar to Pilates. I’m never going to be a sprinter, I prefer long runs. I’m never going to finish first doing x amount of push-ups, squats etc. I do it all in my own time and it comes in handy during Lagree classes. If you don’t have the best balance, don’t worry. There are poles at hand to help, you have to wear grip socks and Lorrain and Craig will make sure that you always feel safe doing the exercises. The instructors have plenty of time for you as a class is full already at seven participants. I prefer small classes, and during some of these I attended alone.

Grip Socks

Every session starts with a warm-up and ends with stretching. In between, you gradually increase the difficulty level in various positions and exercises. Working at the front of the machine is easier (pushing the weight) than at the back where you’re pulling the weight. Using yellow springs is easier (light) than red (heavy) and you can mix and match them to find the best weight for you. There are around 400 different exercises in total that you can do but there’s no way to fit them all in during a 50 minute session. This means no class will ever be the same apart from the end result which is a full body workout. You will feel the workout the following day and although it’s intense, I feel very relaxed immediately afterwards.

Lagree pull lunge Lagree lunge Lagree pike push-up

Photos courtesy of Love Lagree

Have you heard about Lagree, perhaps even given it a go yourself? After reading this, would you be tempted to take a class? If it’s a workout Meghan Markle swears by, you know it’s something you’d want to try at least once. Wouldn’t you (L)agree?

Jennie xx

*I was kindly invited to try out classes at Love Lagree in return for this blog post. As always, views words and photos (if not otherwise stated) are my own.