Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

Copenhagen is a very popular destination when visiting Scandinavia and rightfully so. It’s a really cool, trendy and hip city and the Danes are a cool and friendly people so well worth a visit.

What you might not know that a little further north, there’s a place called Humlebæk where Denmark’s Modern Museum of Art – Louisiana – is situated. If you have time for a day trip out, this is well worth a visit. You can easily get the train from Copenhagen train station, heading towards Helsingør, and get off at the 10th stop. It can differ depending on which train you get but it’s about a 40 min long train journey.

Louisiana museum entranceLouisiana sculpture

Live been here once before, on a school trip in my teenage days. I vaguely remember the visit so I was really excited to go back last September. During our visit there weren’t many big exhibitions on, apart from Yayoi Kusama’s exhibitions. We just missed out on ‘Gleaming Lights’ which would have been really cool to see. Louisiana has a lot of permanent installations as well to admire so you won’t go away without fulfilling your cultural needs. If you want to see something specific, I recommend looking up what exhibitions are on before booking in a trip here.

Daniel Richter exhibition

I did however really enjoyed Daniel Richter’s exhibition. I love his paintings! I love the bold colours, the darkness and honesty he’s portraying in his work. I would love to make room for some of his paintings in my flat but unfortunately they’re too big (and I couldn’t afford them). I was hoping to find a poster in the museum shop to bring home but sadly there’s where none of Richter’s work I liked.

Louisiana sea view

Despite missing out on Yayoi Kusama, Louisiana offers so much more than art on walls. The building and surroundings themselves are true art forms. The museum beautifully situated along the seaside with views over to Sweden and the garden is full of cool statues. If you go here on a warm summer day, bring your own picnic to enjoy on the summer green grass, or up the pyramid. If you prefer, there’s a big restaurant that offers ever so delicious smørrebrød or a buffet – take your pick! You can sit indoors in the green room or outside admiring the view.

Louisiana green roomSmörrebröd

Have you ever been to Louisiana? Have you got any other Museums of Modern Art to recommend me visiting?

Jennie xx