The Turk's Head

Last week, Whitelocks in Leeds opened up their sister bar, a new bar called The Turk’s Head and I was there with bells on, checking out their launch event. It was recently I discovered Whitelocks, I’ve been coming back several times since so I knew their new bar wouldn’t be one to miss.

The Turk's Head sign

Whitelocks is the oldest bar/ale house in Leeds, last year it celebrated 300 years and its original name was The Turk’s Head so it only made sense to name the refurbished half by their old name.   Whitelocks has very old interiors, apart from the bar area. This is very modern with a chrome counter and the combination of old and new is something that The Turk’s Head also has preserved.

The Turk’s Head Interior

As soon as I entered through the old door, I could tell that the bar in itself is really modern and you could almost still smell the fresh paint from the refurbishment. As you enter, the bar is immediately behind the door and further in the room, there’s seating and tables along both walls. The whole room is decorated in one colour (dark green) but using different materials and textures; velvet curtains, tiled window sills, painted walls and leather sofas. With candle lit tables and minimum lights on the walls, you can imagine it was very dark. The bar is better lit up and so are the cabinets, full of old bottles, that are featured under the bar and on the back wall of the room.

The Turk's Head interiorThe Turk's Head guestsThe Turk's Head bottles

I love the atmosphere in The Turk’s Head! With the pub being so dark, it has a very cosy and tranquil vibe. My favourite feature are the small lamps on the wall. They remind me of an old glass bowl my grandmother used to have, and it’s like they’ve just turned it upside down to use as a lamp shade.

The Turk’s Head Drinks Menu

On arrival, we were all given a token each to use during the evening. My first instinct told me we could only pick one of the choices on the card, but it turned out they wanted to be very generous and served us all four each. I only managed two though, not being ungrateful but it was a Thursday night and I don’t do workday hangovers very well at all. In fact, I don’t want to experience them, full stop!

The Turk's Head menu

My first choice of drink was very easy, of course a cocktail and I thought a G&T would do me good from a first day back at work after holiday. This G&T also has hop in it, something I couldn’t taste very much of but it was still delicious and refreshing to go down really well.

The Turk's Head barMy second drink was a glass of rose, something I know the Whitelocks do really well so it wasn’t a surprise this too was very tasty. I decid d not to try one of the beers. Again, I wish I liked ale as they have an extensive list, and other various beer from leading breweries. Maybe I’ll give ales a go, possibly something I could learn to like?

The Turk's Head cocktails

I went to the event on my own but once their, I met a few old and new faces so in the Leeds blogging community, you’re never alone. Thank you Gabby and Phoebe for ‘taking care’ of me. I had a really good night and will definitely be back to enjoy more drinks at The Turk’s Head. I’d love to try out the food menu properly. I only had a couple of tasters and they made me want more. Maybe not pigs head…but we’ll see.

Have you been to The Turk’s Head yet? What did you think?

Jennie xx