JORD Wood Watches

I remember my first ever watch, I was 6 and about to start school (In Sweden, we start school the same year as we turn 7) and my grandmother gave me the cutest watch ever. It had a white leather strap, white face, black dials and instead of a 2 it had a red heart. I loved this watch and haven’t found one I love more than that.

I got a nice silver watch from my friends for my 30th but the battery has recently run out, and I’m too lazy to have it changed, so when JORD got in touch, it was perfect timing. Maybe this will be my new favourite watch? It certainly works as a statement accessory.

JORD Wood Watches – the perfect statement accessory

JORD is an American brand but my instinct saidย their name is taken from the Scandinavian languages and I was right. Jord means earth/soil in Swedish and you can really tell this is the feel Jord watches want to give. Their wooden watches give a feel of being one with nature wearing it, I’m keeping it real man!

I really like that JORD has gone full out with their branding, the watch arrives in a beautiful wooden box, with their logo carved out on the lid. I don’t see myself storing the watch in here on its own, possibly for more jewellery to in it.

JORD Wood Watch box JORD Wood Watch open box
It was an easy choice for me to pick this Zebrawood & Maple watch. I am a minimalist and I also prefer darker woods when it comes to jewellery. I wish the face was a bit darker too but I guess it’s just something I’ll get used to.

JORD Wood Watch face up JORD Wood Watch face down JORD Wood Watch on side JORD Wood Watch stamp
The watch itself is very light, it feels nice and smooth around your wrist, almost like it’s not there. The perfect watch if you normally get irritated by the feel of having something on your wrist. I mostly wear silver jewellery which matches well with this watch’s face and silver details. As wood is rarely seen in clothing and I don’t wear much brown (read nothing) I think this is a timeless (pun intended) accessory which I can mix and match with most clothes.

JORD Wood Watch on wrist JORD Wood Watch with jewellery

For more styles and colours, check out their website. If you’re not keen, maybe it’s a good gift idea instead. Turns out that most watches I’ve owned (including this one) had been gifted to me so it’s definitely a thing to give away watches as presents.

What do you think? Would you wear a wooden watch? If so, enter a competition here to win $75 towards one. Good Luck!

Jennie xx

*PR Sample. All views are my own

Watches Made From 100% Natural Wood by JORD