Keep Real Photoshoot

Earlier this week, I was fortunate to take part in Keep Real’s photoshoot for their product launch. It’s a small independent Yorkshire brand all about a sustainable and positive lifestyle, inspiring wellness. So far their collection consists of t-shirts, jumpers, tote bags and stationary products. More will come over the year so keep your eyes peeled.

Keep Real products

The photoshoot was held in Leeds, in a small studio I would never have known about its whereabouts if it wasn’t for this shoot. Kimberley, founder of Keep Real, had organised for two makeup artists and a professional photographer (Alex) to help out. I’ve met Kimberley a couple of times before and Lucinda from The Fashion Fictionary was also there so I felt comfortable, despite it being my first time as a “model”. I’ve once walked a runway but having your photo taken is a whole different experience.

Keep Real from above shot

After having my makeup done, in pastel colours which I’d never personally use, I felt more comfortable taking the stage. I did like my look and it worked really well with the natural feel of the brand. Thankfully I was able to check out the other guys having their photos taken first, to get an understanding for the set and what was expected. If I don’t smile, I tend to look a bit angry so I did my best smiling with my eyes instead and I think it worked. I did a couple of shots sitting down, standing up wearing the t-shirt and a few group shots with the girls outside wearing the sweatshirt.

Keep Real Photographer

I really like the feel of the clothes. The t-shirt is organic cotton, really soft and nice on the skin. All products are unisex and slim fit. I wore size medium in both so I’d say they’re true to size. The jumper is so cosy and a bit thinner so for a fuller figure like mine, it still suits well. I love that the sleeves are purposely long as there’s nothing better tucking your hands in feeling extra cosy.

Keep Real Group Shot

I’m really excited to see the final shots from this photoshoot. Watch this space as I’ll be sharing them. In the meantime some behind the scenes shots in this post and check out Keep Real on Instagram and Twitter for more as well. big thanks to Kimberley and Keep Real for having me!

 Jennie xx