Junkyard Golf Club Leeds

Crazy Golf and Cocktails at Junkyard Golf Club in Leeds

I love mini golf. I used to play it a lot when I was younger with my parents, with my dad in particular. Every summer we would go now and again to play at various outdoor mini golf courses. Crazy golf on the other hand is a fairly new thing for me but I enjoy that too. I couldn’t wait to check out Leeds’ latest addition – Junkyard Golf Club.

Junkyard Golf Club

Junkyard Golf Club have courses in London, Oxford, Manchester and now also Leeds, since a month or so. You find it in The Light, on the second floor, opposite the escalators that lead up to the cinema. It’s a very colourful venue, hitting you in the face as soon as you step in and I’m here for it! Receive your wristband at the reception and then follow the neon signs up the stairs to where the fun happens. It’s almost like entering a nightclub with its dark walls, UV light and a hip bar.

Junkyard Golf Club Cocktails

Make sure to grab one of their colourful and sugar loaded cocktails at the bar before entering the golf course. There’s nothing more fun than enjoying a bon bon loaded drink whilst putting. Because where else are you allowed when playing mini golf? Alternatively wait (or go back again) till after the game and let the looser treat you all. There is plenty of seating in the bar area for a good catch-up. I love lemon so I went for their ‘Twistin’ My Lemon Man’ cocktail and it did not disappoint. Packed with   yellow sweets and citrus flavours I just about managed to not soak it all up before the finish line. Their full cocktail menus available here. Which one would you choose?

Junkyard Golf Club cocktails Junkyard Golf Club cocktail

Junkyard Golf Club Courses

In Leeds, Junkyard Golf Club has three different courses to choose from: Bozo (creep show), Pablo (tropical madness) and Gary (garage junk). They all look really cool but I was pleased that we decided to play the Bozo course. I love clowns and skulls and to my excitement, they have a hole with a skull themed Ferris Wheel!

Junkyard Golf Club Bozo Junkyard Golf Club Quote

Really fun and clever holes giving you a spooky feel whilst concentrating on potting the ball with as few shots as possible. I got a hole in one on the last hole which made me the night’s winner – whoop! Some holes are easier than others (as at any mini golf course) but you come here more for the fun and the out of the ordinary set up. There are sadly only 9 holes on each course, so you essentially pay a little bit over £1 per hole. Still worth it as it’s a golf course out of the ordinary.

Junkyard Golf Club Ferris Wheel*image courtesy of Jo

Don’t forget to jump in to the photo booth which you’ll find in the breakout area between all of the golf courses. It was hilarious trying to make the perfect gif. Check out #PuttUpOrShutUp for more photos.

Have you been to Junkyard Golf Club in Leeds yet? Which course would you choose to play?

Jennie xx

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