Another month passed in lockdown. Time is flying as fast as usually, if not faster. June is around the corner and I’ve planned it out in my bullet journal. After buying a handful of lemons it was a given I would use those as my theme for this month. When life gives you lemons and all that – draw them in your bullet journal!

I love lemons! The colour, taste, smell and shape. I love zesty drinks, lemon flavoured gin, lemons desserts and bakes and yellow is a bright and eye popping colour that makes you smile. Honestly, I can’t find a fault in this fruit. Can you?

Lemons aside, let’s dive in to my June bullet journal spread.

June Bullet Journal Spread

June Bullet Journal Spread

I’ve not made any changes in my setup from last month. The title page is across two pages, filled with slices of lemons. The monthly calendar has the same layout and again I’ve got three three boxes for notes, things I’m waiting on and blog and social post ideas. How satisfying is it that June the first is a Monday!!!

June Monthly Spread

I’ve found that I treated myself to a fair few things in May so my ‘waiting on’ box filled up. I’m hoping to be better with that in June and save my pennies where possible. Sometimes you need things to brighten up your day to day life though. Beauty and fashion posts to follow.

In June, I’m hoping to get better at writing blog posts more regularly. Ideally I’d like to share two a week but lately it’s only been one, of that. Fingers crossed inspiration will bloom and my ‘blog and social posts’ box will fill up.

June Bullet Journal Tracker

I’m sticking to the same daily trackers and six different moods. My sugar skull drawing in last month’s setup turned out really colourful. I’m hoping that my lemon wedges will as well. Although I’m hoping for mostly happy (yellow) and productive (green) days. These are my favourite days but also, those two colours would look most natural. A mix of lemons and limes.

June Weekly Spreads

Lastly, four rectangular boxes across two pages. One box per week. We’re ending June on a Tuesday so those two days’ tasks will fit in the last box.

Have you got any exciting plans for June? Have you planned your monthly bullet journal spread?

Jennie xx