Stand Mixer closed

I love baking but it takes up a lot of time. I prefer baking over cooking as I find it easier to follow a recipe over adding whatever ingredients and amount of it you fancy. Now that I’ve got myself a fancy JD Williams stand mixer* my baking will be easier and hopefully take less time. Over the weekend just gone, I took it for a spin, making citrus biscuits.

JD Williams Stand Mixer

This is the perfect size stand mixer and it’s so sleek looking so I can have it on display in the kitchen all the time. I don’t have a choice really as I don’t have much storage room in the kitchen so a nice looking stand mixer is necessary. Apart from looking good, I like everything else about it. Maybe not so much the loud sound it makes but it’s only in use it for such a short amount of time every go that it doesn’t matter.

Stand Mixer closed

It comes together with a large stainless steel bowl, a removable splash guard and three different attachments. The attachments have different functions making it easy to fold, mix, knead and whip. I used the beater hook for my biscuits. The dough hook is for heavier dough such as bread and the whisk for whipping and whisking lighter liquids.

Stand mixer beater hook

The splash guard is very handy as even though the bowl is deep, flour is bound to go flying when the mixer starts spinning. Even with the guard some flour managed to escape. What I like the most about the mixer is that it has rubber suction feet underneath so it sits firmly on the kitchen work top. No need to worry that it’ll escape anywhere.

It’s also really easy to assemble. I normally prefer image instructions (joy of growing up in the land of IKEA) but managed to follow the written to do steps outlined in the booklet. The bowl, splash guard and attachments are easily fitted on with a simple clockwise turn to lock and opposite to unlock. There’s a tilt button to raise and lower the the mixing arm.

Stand mixer attachments

Once in power, a blue light starts flashing around the speed dial. Turning to the right, there are six speeds to choose from and to the left the pulse function. I found I only needed to use the lowest speed for the biscuit dough and I once used the pulse function.

Citrus Biscuit Recipe

Reading Anca’s post where she made these citrus biscuits I knew straight away that I had to make my own. I love almost anything and everything citrus flavoured. I can’t stand orange and chocolate together but everything else goes. This recipe is slightly tweaked, only using lemon flavour and I upped the flour portion. The mix makes 45 biscuits.

Stand Mixer bowlCitrus cookie dough


350g self raising white flour
Self raising flour for kneading and rolling
125g butter (room temperature)
175g sugar
1 large egg
60g mixed peel
4tbsp golden syrup
1/2 tsp lemon flavouring

  1. Mix the flour and cubed butter in a stand mixer
  2. Add the sugar and use the pulse function
  3. Beat egg, golden syrup, mixed peel and lemon flavouring in a separate bowl
  4. Add the flavour mix over the flour dough and mix until it starts to clump together
  5. Flour the worktop and knead the dough until smooth
  6. Wrap the dough in clingfilm and leave in fridge to cool down. 10-15 minutes should do it
  7. Heat the oven to 160-180C depending on oven type
  8. Roll the dough to a 6mm thickness and cut out biscuits using a biscuit cutter. I split the dough into a few balls so I didn’t have to exhaust it so much. Repeat with excess dough until there’s none left
  9. Place the biscuits on baking paper in oven trays
  10. Bake for 10 minutes or golden brown

The lemon flavouring and mixed peel makes the dough smell so nice and fresh and also when baked. It’s the perfect amount of zest in flavour and the peel adds a nice texture and chewiness to them.

Citrus Cookies

This stand mixer is a JD Williams own brand but they sell lots of other mixers too. This in particular is currently on offer for £69 which is a bargain! Just saying. 

Where do you buy your kitchen appliances from? Have you tried any of JD Williams own products before? If you’ve got any other recipes where a mixer like this comes in handy, please do share. Likewise, if you make these biscuits, let me know what you think. 

Jennie xx

*I was kindly sent this Stand Mixer in return for this post. As always, words and views are my very own.