Drambuie Brass & Crimson

You might have seen last week’s outfit post. I promised to also share with you where I went looking all glammed up*, and I’m always true to my word. I went to The Maven in Leeds to attend a modern celebration of the iconic age and scene that made Drambuie (Scottish whiskey) famous – the jazz scene.

I’ve never heard of Drambuie prior to being invited by them to attend this event. In all honesty, I’m not a massive fan of whiskey, especially not the really smokey versions, but I am a fan of jazz. Not that I listen to it every day but the  visit to the jazz club in Chicago was amazing so I’m definitely up for attending more jazz nights when offered. In fact, I need to go see more live music, full stop.

Drambuie Cocktails

On arrival, we were greeted with cocktail tokens and the best seats in the house. I’m very thankful that we had somewhere to sit as it was a long night. The live bands didn’t start playing till a couple of hours in. They were worth the wait but on a school night, I’d prefer an earlier start. Luckily, the drinks menu included enough Drambuie based cocktails to try out so we kept ourselves entertained.

Drambuie FrescoDrambuie Collins

I started off with the ‘Drambuie Fresco’, one of the two citrus flavoured cocktails for the evening. You know how much I love refreshing cocktails so this was a great start. I did prefer ‘Drambuie Collins’ though which had a lemon and mint flavour instead of grapefruit.

I was lucky enough to take home a bottle of Drambuie when leaving, so I’ll be making these simple cocktails at home. There were some more hardcore whiskey cocktails on the menu as well: ‘Rusty Nail’, ‘Underdog’ and ‘Drambuie Honey Sour’. I did give the latter a go but unfortunately, it’s not to my taste.

The Brass & Crimson

The Brass & Crimson is an event touring with Drambuie in the UK right now, Leeds being one of the stops. Two bands were playing: Nubya Garcia Quintet and Binker & Moses. As I said, I’m a newbie to jazz, so I’ve not heard any of these before but I really enjoyed both sets. I reckon they would have been even better with someone singing as well but this way we really listened to the instruments. Saxophone is such a cool instrument, it gives some great tunes and these performers sure know how to play! I’m not sure I would listen on my own at home (wouldn’t rule it out) but in bars, it’s the perfect background music. If you want to catch up on the nigh, check out this video.

Brass & Crimson

Drambuie had done a great job picking The Maven for this event: it’s the perfect venue as the music match well with the bar’s atmosphere. You know already how much I like The Maven but despite having been a few times before (usually for drink events: cider and rum) I’ve never realised they have an additional room, available to hire for private functions. I will bare this in mind for my birthday celebrations.

Thank you Drambuie for having me and making your whiskey famous to me! What’s your favourite Drambuie cocktail?

Jennie xx

*Wearing anything but jeans and a hoodie and I feel very glammed up.