It's All About The Brows

Did you know that almost a quarter of the English female population don’t know how to deal with their eyebrows when it comes to makeup. I’m one of these 23%, are you? I don’t spend much time on my brows at all: I pluck a hair or two now and again that bother me and a quick fill with a brow pencil before leaving the house.

Luckily, in the last month, I’ve been making a change to this habit, thanks to Benefit and Benito Brow Bar. It started when I received invites to two eyebrow themed events, in the same week! I was so excited to finally get my eyebrows professionally done.

Benefit #RaiseYourBrowGame Event

As you know form my makeup ritual post, benefit is one of my favourite makeup brands. In fact, I think it’s my favourite, so I was so happy to receive an invite to their Leeds based eyebrow event.

I met up with fellow blogger swede Maria for brunch at Headrow House before joining forces with everyone else at the White Cloth Gallery. Maria and I stuck together for the whole event as we were asked to team up in pairs for an eyebrow challenge in one of the rooms. I think we were the first pair to take on the four step challenge: 1. Matching the eyebrow with the celeb, 2. Pin the brow on the face, 3. Waxing a real mans legs and 4. Getting creative drawing eyebrows on a cake. We did well but failed to win the cake challenge. Looking at the other cakes, we really missed a trick or two.


The main event during the afternoon was of course to have our eyebrows done. Benefit is releasing a whole new range of eyebrow products (24th June) and also adding more colours to existing products, all to give more options for everyone to find their perfect match. I’ve got very fair hair so wasn’t surprised to be a number 2 in the 1-6 colour scale. The lady did a very good and quick job at sorting my brows for the better. Two products later I was definitely raising my eyebrow game! I’d show you a before and after pic that the professional photographer took but the images are far too pixelated so I won’t (I look horrendous!). These two will do and hopefully you can see the improvement.

Before and After Brows

For now, my eyebrows look better every day with a bit of help from the ‘Gimmie Brows’ samples. I have received all the new benefit eyebrow goodies too but they’re still at work, a massive box, ha. There will be another post soon, where I look at them more in detail and possibly after another lesson. I don’t remember which two products they used on me on the day so I might have to get myself to a benefit bar before tackling my brows myself.

Huge thanks to Zeal and benefit for inviting me to this fab event!

Benito Brow Bar Opening

I was meant to have gone to the official opening night of Benito brow bar in Debenhams but due to a traffic accident, my bus was over an hour late so I missed the event. Luckily for me, the staff at Benito brow bar is wonderful and offered me to come for a free treatment at another date. Of course I didn’t say no! It was easy to spot Benito’s brow bar with their bright orange and black colours, it’s a real eye popper. At their bar in Debenhams, they have two chairs and many different treatments and offers to choose from.

Benito Brow Bar

For the first time in my life, I had my eyebrows threaded and it was a lovely experience. The skin underneath my brow was so nice and baby smooth afterwards. The threading went really quick and the lovely beautician taking care of me is really experienced and professional. I was prepared for pain but not the sound. It wasn’t painful at all, it stung a bit but only for a second or two. The sound on the other hand is difficult to describe in words. Almost like the sound of a small grass trimmer, just not that loud.

I was really well taken care of on the day and they had even saved a little goody bag for me to take home. I’ll go back in a month or so for another trim and also to try their tint treatment as my patch test was cleared. I’m not sure if I’d go back more regularly than that, a thread treatment is £13 each time and I’m sure I can get it cheaper elsewhere?

Thank you Benito for seeing to me so well!

How do you do your eyebrows? Have you ever had them done with either benefit or Benito?

Jennie xx