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I love walking! Still, it’s very rare that I do it. I don’t know what’s stopping me. Perhaps not having a car and taking the train to places is sometimes a hassle. The times I do go, I really enjoy it. After spending a day with Inntravel* I realise I should do it more often. Sure, we had the perfect sunny day for it which helps a lot but come to think about it, my previous longer walks (Ingleborough and Cadair Idris) have both been on nice days. Coincidence? Perhaps not.

Inntravel is a slow holiday company, offering touring holidays for those looking to take their time experiencing the moment. It’s as simple as that. They sort out your travel accommodation, where to eat and all you have to decide is if you want to experience the journeys in between by cycling, skiing, walking or taking a train. As for this day-trip, we chose to walk!

Coneysthorpe to Welburn

Coneysthorpe Coneysthrorpe buildingsInntravel Gastronomic Trail

A small group of 7, including Charlotte, Amanda, Donna and Clare, met up at Malton train station for a swift taxi journey to Coneysthorpe, which marks the start of the walk. Handed a map and a booklet each, we were all set to go. Amy and Caroline from Inntravel let us take charge but were at hand should we get the directions completely wrong. I really like the idea that instead of following a guide, you are your own captain. This way you learn much more along the way. I loved orientation at school and I was really good at it but this map didn’t read as well as the booklet instructions. We took turns leading the group and worked really well together so it’s a good group exercise if nothing else.

Bog Hall Farm Bog Hall FarmCreek Welburn sign postPigs Peacock

I didn’t know what to expect to see along the way but this trail is stunning and offers so many different views and terrains. We saw castles and rural farms, crossed woods, fields and bridges and spotted pigs, cows, a pony, but most fascinating of all – a peacock. Walking past its hangout we would have missed him if it wasn’t for it’s loud cuckoo sound. They’re really loud but so fascinating to see. We took our time and held up the group but can you blame me for a posing photo like this?

The walk between Coneysthorpe and Welburn is around 7.5km long and takes around 1-2 hours depending on the pace and ability of the group. The trail is an easy walk, doing it wearing sneakers is no problem. This particular route we took isn’t a stand alone trail, although of course it’s available for anyone to walk, but part of Inntravel’s Yorkshire Gastronomical Walk.

The Temple of the Four WindsCentenary Way sign postMausoleum Mausoleum

At the beginning of the walk, you can see the Castle Howard in the distance. Half way through is another lovely looking building: The Temple of the Four Winds. I would happily sit there sipping away on prosecoo whilst admiring the views. A little further along the route, another impressive man-made building arises: The Mausoleum. You see it in different angles along the Centenary Way, equally majestic from all of them.

Best bit walking a trail like this though? Knowing that there’s food waiting to be eaten when you arrive at your destination. They’re not named gastronomical walks for nothing.

The Talbot Hotel

Arriving in Welburn, we got in a taxi back to Malton and The Talbot Hotel where we were greeted by a set table. The perfect spot for a light lunch after our walk. The brownies are yummy and look how pretty they are, coated in pistachio.

The Talbot Hotel is located in the heart of Malton, providing rooms for those wanting to stay longer than going here for a day trip. If you want to have time for a long walk like us and to explore all Malton’s food and drink offering, at least one nights stay is essential. Especially if you’re coming from further afield. The hotel was originally built in 1700s but has extended since and more renovations are planned. It has a beautiful garden with stunning views and a big courtyard with outdoor seating. I can see why people would like to have their wedding reception here.

The Talbot Hotel The Talbot Hotel in Malton Hotel GardenTalbot Hotel Court Yard Finger SandwhichesTalbot Hotel brownies

Visit Malton

Across the road is The Talbot Yard Food Court, supplying the hotel with freshly baked bread from Bluebird Bakery and roasted coffee from Roost Coffee. The hotel as well as other local businesses all support each other and it would be daft not to use the products right on your doorstep. Back in the day The Talbot Yard used to be the stables owned by the hotel. It’s nice to see they’re both working together again.

The pride of Malton is the local produce. Since my visit two years ago, the The Talbot Yard Food Court has extended with Rare Bird Gin Distillery and Florian Poirot’s macaroons. The Groovy Moo ice cream parlour is still the main attraction, especially on a sunny day! This time I tried the Bakewell Tart and Lemon Meringue. Both delicious and refreshing in the sunny heat.

Talbot Yard Food CourtFlorian PoirotBluebird Bakery Groovy Moo gelato

The Malton Food Tour which you can book in on is now a lot longer, fitting in more food and drink stops than previously Brass Castle Brewery and Malton Cooking School. You can read more about the local produce here and my experience at the cooking school here. Walking through the streets of Malton on their own is a joy for anyone who enjoys cute little streets and colourful buildings. It’s an instagrammer’s dream!

Main street in MaltonColourful buildings in Malton Colourful street in Malton

Have you been to Malton before and experienced any of their food and drinks offerings? Have you ever done or thought about doing a gastronomic walking holiday? If you have, please comment below with recommendations on where to go. Aside from UK walking tours, Inntravel also do gastronomic walks in other parts of Europe if you fancy different terrains and food. Imagine views of French mountains, dining by the sea in Spain, or crossing wine landscapes in Italy.

Jennie xx

*Sponsored post in collaboration with Inntravel. I was invited to come along to the walk and experiencing Malton food in exchange for this post. All words and views are as always my own.