Jet2 Christmas Event

One of the highlights this month was going to Jet2’s Christmas Dinner event. Actually, it was the last day of November but for me it marked the first of many Christmas celebrations. They’d picked a fab day for it as it was  snowing outside. Not that it stayed but still, it gave that extra Christmas feeling.

The Tetley Leeds Christmas table decorationProsecco

Jet2 had booked out a room at The Tetley in Leeds to host the event for nine Leeds based bloggers. I’ve only been to The Tetley a couple of times but never upstairs so I was surprised to find this gorgeous room with one of the biggest dining tables I have ever seen. The interior, decorations and lit candles made the room and set-up feel very Christmassy and even royal.

Before taking our seats, we had a chance to mingle with the other dinner guests over a glass of prosecco. I usually got to bigger or less intimate events where there’s not much chance to talk but on this occasion we had plenty of time to catch-up and also to get to know the Jet2 team. All of them a lovely bunch.

Christmas Cracker

Conversations were flowing across the table over gorgeous food and easy drinking wine. Of course travel was a hot topic and I learnt loads more about Jet2 and their destinations. I think I’ve only flown with them once before but hopefully more to come. I have had Madeira on my bucket list for quite a while now and hopefully soon I get to go. Sadly, next year might not be an option as I’ll still be paying off my citizenship application. But a girl can dream.

During the Christmas Quiz I realised I know very little what some of the most travelled to destinations in Europe look like. I have a photographic memory but turns out I’ve seen very few of the cities Jet2 fly to. I was able to confidently note down Copenhagen and Barcelona but the others were pure guessing. Budapest looks gorgeous and Prague stunning. Even more reasons wanting to go to both. Jet2 might be a cheaper airline but I don’t mind paying a little less to get me all the way to New York. I’ve been two times already so not in an immediate rush to go back, there’s so much to explore in Europe first.

European citylines Christmas quiz

I badly wanted to win the quiz as the one with most correct answers won a trip to Berlin for two. Sadly I didn’t win. 11 out of 25 possible points wasn’t too far behind Emma who won with 14 so I’m no too disappointed. I think I redeemed myself a bit with the country specific questions and questions about Christmas.

The Tetley Christmas Dinner

Let’s all take a minute to appreciate the food, it’s damn good at The Tetley. I enjoyed Baked Camembert for starters. Deliciously prepared with garlic and rosemary herbs to give it a little more taste. I can’t believe I ate the whole thing all on my own but cheese is too good to leave behind and besides, I was hungry.

Baked Camembert Beef Cheek

For my main I skipped the turkey (sorry not sorry). Turkey isn’t the main feature on the Swedish Christmas menu so for me it doesn’t scream festivities and besides, it can easily get dry if not prepared properly. Instead, I opted for the Beef Cheek and it was amazing! The meat falls apart as soon as the knife is placed on it – can it get better than that?! It is served with mashed potatoes, a carrot pure and tasty gravy.

By dessert I was far too full to fit it all down me. I only had a little piece of the vanilla cheesecake. I’m not a massive fan to be honest (sorry not sorry – again!) but if you prefer cheesecake over chocolate desserts, go for it!

A great evening in fabulous company and a really good start to the Christmas celebrations. Thank you so much Jet2. Have you enjoyed any Christmas dinners yet? Have you travelled with Jet2 before and which of their destinations can you recommend me going?

Jennie xx

*Jet2 invited me to this Christmas dinner in return for this post. All views are my own.