Flamborough cliff

I wish I was in Flamborough

If there is any beach in the north-east England that you should visit it’s Flamborough. In fact, I wish I was there right now. For the first time in a long while today we’re treated with a proper summer’s day. If I had a car I would be at the beach right now.

When I visited Flamborough earlier this year it wasn’t warm enough to wear shorts and definitely not warm enough to go for a swim. Really, whenever is it warm enough to swim in England? Never! This is the only problem I have living in England, not being able to swim in the sea.

Anyway, I’ve been to Whitby, Scarborough, Filey and Bridlington before and to be honest, not been very impressed with what they’ve got to offer. Filey has a lovely beach and Whitby is really cute and picturesque but they’re very typical English seaside resorts that I’m not a massive fan of.

Flamborough however, so beautiful it’s breathtaking. I’d stretch as far as calling it tropical. I didn’t know England had beaches like this, especially not up north. The cliffs are amazing and the colour of the sea, so clear and fresh.

I’ll let the picture speak for themselves and if you ever want to go to the English seaside, make sure it’s to Flamborough.

Green and blue sea Flamborough cliff Beach and blue sea Flamborough beach Jennie in the water Flamborough beachside Cliff and water Seaweed

Jennie xx


  • Donna

    Hi Jennie,
    I was lucky enough to grow up here & have only moved just up road to Driffield. I visit this beach regularly & my husband proposed to me here 😀 If you check out my YouTube channel you can find a calming video shot here. It may suffice for when you are missing Flamborough. My YT is Donna Dyble. Also thanks for your comment on my Scatty about Scandi post 😘 Xxx

    • Jennie

      Donna, that’s so romantic your husband proposed to you on this beach – love it! Thank you for sending me the video, I’ll definitely watch it more than once 🙂 xx

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