Bar Burrito Leeds

I love food but if I had to pick a cuisine I was only allowed to eat for the rest of my life I’d say Mexican. So many fresh and strong flavours. How can you say no to avocado, or freshly made salsa with pineapples? When Charlotte kindly invited me as her plus 1 to Bar Burrito for a workshop learning how to make our own burritos, I couldn’t possibly say no. I’ve always wanted to find out the secret behind folding fully loaded tortilla bread into snug burritos.

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Bar Burrito Menu

Bar Burrito is my favourite Mexican place in Leeds. Their menu is very extensive: giving everyone plenty of choice to customise their burrito. Whether you eat in, take away or order home, it’s always fresh and up to a good standard. You get a lot of food for what you pay as well.  Choose any dish from original burrito to the naked bowl and pack it full with rice, beans, vegetables, choice of meat, sauces and any extra toppings. There are of course vegetarian options as well, and even a kids version for the small humans.

Bar Burrito filling Bar Burrito sauces Bar Burrito meat

Before making our own burritos, we got to try all the different fillings on the menu, and there’s a lot. I’m the kind if person who sticks to what I like on a menu so it was nice to try the other meats and fillings so hopefully I can change it up. I always order lime and coriander rice, no beans, chicken as it’s a safe choice, mushrooms, cheese, mild salsa and avocado. I will still stick to the lime and coriander rice as I LOVE coriander but I’m happy to try different meats. Did you know that you can add chorizo bites to your chicken? So delicious! Adds a bit of flavour and texture to the burrito. The pulled pork is really tasty as well and although I like steak, it wouldn’t be my go to meat in a burrito.

How to Make Burritos

A naked burrito is so easy to make, just fill the bowl with your favourite ingredients. Wrapping them in a tortilla bread on the other hand is more difficult but there’s two tricks to it: the tortilla needs the right amount of heat to stretch and there’s a time for folded corners. Before going wild with all the ingredients, we gave it a go using only rice. I made the mistake of taking in the sides too far at the beginning which made it look like a small parcel instead of a long roll. Redoing it and it came out alright.

  1. Fill it
  2. Fold the ends over
  3. Pinch the corners and fold in
  4. Tap down the ingredients
  5. Fold the corners in (the secret step)
  6. Roll over and pullback to tighten
  7. Roll the tortilla tightly until all of it is wrapper around itself and the filling
  8. Wrap the burrito in tin foil and twist both ends tightly and fold them over neatly

Rolling burrito Folding burrito

I learnt well for the real deal. I didn’t fill mine too much but I could have done better with tightening the tortilla when rolling. It looked good and tasted fab which is the main thing. Like always, I chose the fresh lime and coriander rice, topped it with brown beans, chicken as usual but with chorizo for an extra kick, mushrooms, avocado, fresh salsa and some cheese. Done! I couldn’t finish it all due to devouring the sample nacho chips and avocado on arrival but I’d definitely order it again.

Bar Burrito fillingsOpen burrito Bar Burrito burrito

Have you ever tried to make your own burritos? What’s your go to Mexican food place?

Jennie xx