At the end of May, I attended (virtually of course) my first Northern Blogs Co event. A helpful event learning how to increase engagement on Instagram. Penny (@penny_hindle), Hannah (@hannah_briggs) and Kenny (@kxnn.y) individually they gave their top tips on what they do and have found successful in increasing engagement on Instagram. They talked about everything from which hashtags to use to what equipment to shoot with and how to interact with others. It was really interesting and I noted down lots of tips. I thought it would be useful for you guys to know the key things I took away so here’s a list. I’ve highlighted the ones I think are most important in bold.

Penny (@penny_hindle)Hannah (hannah_briggs)Kenny (@kxnn.y)

Instagram Hashtags

  • You can use up to 30 hashtags per post. Play around with how you add them. Don’t add all 30, stick with 10-20.
  • Mix it up by adding some to your caption and some in comments.
  • Try not to use hashtags that’s been used millions of times. There is no way you’ll be seen when searching those.
  • Use hashtags that others you follow and want to be followed by use.
  • Don’t use blocked hashtags as you can get shadow banned.

Instagram Content

  • You don’t need a super fancy camera to succeed but make sure your photos are clear.
  • Sometimes iPhone ans smartphone photos work as well, or event better, than camera photos.
  • Use tripods and self timer when shooting on your own.
  • Diversify your feed by shooting from different angles. 
  • Use natural light as much as possible.
  • Tag brands in photos.
  • Use the Alt Text attribute to describe your photo to make it accessible for those with visual impairment.
  • Find your niche and make it cohesive. If that’s only sharing fashion photos or using the same filter on all your photos, that’s up to you.

Instagram Engagement

  • Engage with your followers. Talk to them as if they’re your friends. Be yourself!
  • Always reply to comments. There’s a higher success to reach the ‘explore page’ if you reply to comments within 10 minutes of posting your photo.
  • Include fun captions. Short captions or long and important. Make it interesting!
  • Share on Instagram stories daily. Make them fun and interactive. Use polls and questions.
  • Sign up to engagement groups. Ideally genuine groups like Northern Blogs Co for example. They’re great to find like minded people.

Remember, the below works differently for everyone. Play around with it to find what works for you!

What’s your best tips on how to increase engagement on Instagram? Did you learn something new reading this list? If you don’t already follow me on Instagram, you can Instagram.

Jennie xx