Life happened. Summer didn’t happen weatherwise but still the summer months threw me off my healthy course. Going on holiday didn’t help either but you have to treat yourself now and again. As long as you know it’s only for a short while and that you’ll get back in the game afterwards, I’m all for it! Getting back in the game is exactly what I have done and I feel so much better for it. I kickstarted myself back into shape and here’s how.

Upping my amount of gym sessions

Since coming back from holiday, I decided to fit in more sessions at the gym. Weightlifting gym session which I do on my own. It’s been months since I last did a deadlift and I’ve missed them. Two of the morning classes that the gym I go to host are strength focused. On Wednesdays we focus on the lower body and on Fridays the upper body. I love these classes but I also want to do my own session. Starting last week, I now do a lower body session on the Monday morning and an upper body session after work on a Wednesday. This means I’m going to the gym twice a day on these days. I have the time for it and feel so much better for it already, so why not!

Sticking to my calorie and macro intake

The biggest culprit gaining weight over the summer is my calorie intake. I’ve not stopped going to the gym so I know it’s what I eat that’s changed. There have been unhealthy snacks here or there, several evenings of eating out and more alcoholic drinks than other seasons offer. Why say no to a beer garden when the weather is nice? I know it’s possible to still do all of this, within reason. The last week for example, I had a couple of beers one evening and on Friday I went to a burger chain and had a cheeseburger and large chips. All within my calorie intake for the days it happened so no harm done. It’s all about balance!

Doing the above for only a week and a half, I’ve managed to loose 2kg. I can tell by the way the clothes fit me and see in the mirror that I look healthier. It’s the kickstart I needed. I feel like I’m back into shape. If the scales, the clothes or the mirror show how good I feel I’m happy but when all three point in the same direction, I know I’m smashing it.

From now on, I shall stick to going to the gym, monitor my food intake daily and weigh myself regularly. It’s what works for me! My goal is to reach 60kg by Christmas and also be able to do at least one bodyweight pull up without the help of any resistance bands. I didn’t shy away from going to the beach this summer but I want to feel stronger and look leaner next year!

How are you kickstarting yourself back into shape after summer and holidays? Do you follow a plan?

Jennie xx