How to get back into running

I’ve not been running for almost two months. It’s really bad but summer sort of got in the way. I was really proud of myself completing a 10k mid summer in just over an hour and I was am determined to be able to complete the same distance in under an hour, my ultimate goal! I’ve not given up and neither should you so here’s a few tips on how to get back into running.

Running selfie

Take your time

When I’ve decided for something, I want it to happen straight away. Sadly, a 10k run in under an hour (my goal) won’t happen over night, especially not after being out of training for a while, so take it slow. I know it’s not what we like to hear but if you’ve been running for a while, then stopped, taking it slow is the best and fastest in the long run choice you can make!

An alternative is to start with a short run and gradually work yourself up to the distance you normally run, one run at a time. I prefer a run/walk approach where I run for a bit, walk a bit, run again etc. This way I can stay out longer and work up my muscles and breathing to where they used to be. Each time I’m out, I run more and walk less to eventually run the whole distance.

Use a running app

I use Runkeeper. I use Strava for cycling but prefer Runkeeper when running. It’s really good as it tells you how well you’re doing after a certain time of your choice. I’ve got mine set to tell me every five minutes who far I’ve run and what my average speed is. If you’re new to running, maybe try the ‘Couch to 5k’ app. I’ve not tried it myself, only heard about it.


Everyday training

You don’t have to go for runs every day. I try to keep fit in other ways to make it easier for those days when I do go running. I cycle to work (most of the time), walk when possible rather than take the bus or a taxi. I wish I had a gym membership and also time for some abs training. I’m tempted to buy some weights and do some exercise at home following a YouTube video, ha.

Sign up to a public run

Having a goal really motivates me. I stopped running after the 10k in July but because I signed up for another in October, I knew I had to get back on it again. If I hadn’t, I’d probably still not be running. Silly really as I love the feeling it gives me afterwards. Guess I just have to keep signing up to runs for the rest of my life. Male sure you also tell friends and colleagues that you have signed up for a run as you then really have to stick to your word.

The 10k I’m doing in October is with Women’s Running Magazine. I believe you can still sign up here and use my code (LBJWR16) for 15% discount! There’s a couple in September and one in October, the one I’m running.

Cycling selfie

Speak to likeminded

If you know any other runners, speak to them. If it’s a friend, colleague or someone on social media doesn’t matter. It’s great speaking to someone who enjoyed the same thing, maybe struggle like you (if you do) and just want to help encourage one another. I use social media a lot and it’s really nice getting positive comments and to give them out, keep me motivated!

What are your tips for how to get back into running, or any other exercise form/sport?

Jennie xx