Selfie in bus stop

I’ve been told I look good in blue but still it’s rare I wear it on a daily basis, unless you count jeans and denim of course. A few days ago I got this feeling I should dress all in blue, from top till toe, and it worked really well. Simply pick all your blue clothes and accessories you have and combine them.

All dressed in blue in parking building

Jacket – H&M | Blue top – Forever 21 | Jeans – New Look | Converse – Debenhams

Blue is a great colour for mixing different shades and textures together. Not many colours are able to pull that off, or at least I would feel silly wearing all orange, red or green for example.

Back to basics

For the base I combined a silky short sleeved top in bright blue with a pair of light blue, varicoloured denim jeans.  I love these jeans because they are slim fit and just enough stretch to make them super comfortable. I’ve never worn jeggings but this is how I imagine they would feel like.

Blue top and shoes Selfie in bus stop Blue jeans and shoes

Jacket to give edge

To make the outfit come together and give it an edgy look,  I chose to finish with a black jacket. A classic jacket with a pair of Converse is one of the best combos in fashion. Just as a pair of boyfriend jeans (wish I could wear them) looks awesome paired with a pair of cool black heels.

Black jacket

Shoes to top it off

Converse are my favourite type of shoes. I’ve worn them for years and I’ve still got all the pairs I’ve ever owned. These blue Converse are the first pair I ever bought in the UK and after realising how cheap they are compared to Sweden I’ve invested in a fair few afterwards. Great way to top off any outfit.

Blue Converse

Perfect with details

I even spent time to make sure my nails and accessories matched my blue outfit. A midnight blue nail polish with a bit of shimmer that looks beautiful in the sun. I was given the ring for my 25th birthday from my brother and his girlfriend at the time. I’ve not worn the ring in a while but with this outfit it was the perfect fit.

Blue heart ring and blue nail art

What do you think? How do you match blue with blue?

Jennie xx