Last week, I went to a wellbeing event at The Body Shop and it was such a good evening. They invited Phoenix, a Health and Wellbeing charity who talked us through some easy exercises we can all do at work and at home if stress (good or bad) is creeping up on us. They also gave us hand and back massages and I feel like this is something I should do more of. My body felt like jelly the next day but in a good way, totally relaxed and that’s only from a short session.

Body Shop Cream Phoenix Back Massage

Kim who works at The Body Shop and also recently launched Keep Real, talked to us about mindfulness and how it’s helped her taking care of her wellbeing. We did a short session there and then, similar to meditation, and it was nice but it doesn’t have that instant effect I’m looking for. Maybe I’m too impatient, or I do it wrong, who knows. If you’ve got time to fully invest in it, I think it will be really good. Keep Real products

It was a really relaxing evening which made me think about the things that I do to take care of my wellbeing. I thought I’d list the top things I do to keep my head clear and body feeling great.

Wellbeing Wednesday

Working out

When I’ve had a long break from the gym, I can feel it. Not only are my clothes slightly tighter but I feel my head is about to explode if I’m off the cardio too long. I need the exercise in order to release silly thoughts and aggravation which sometimes clog up my mind. I wrote a post while back about exercising in the morning and I still think this is the best time for me as it sets the tone for the rest of the day.

Spending time outdoors

Fresh air is something else which I love and again helps me clear my thoughts. I cycle to and from work most days. In the morning it wakes me up and in the afternoon it washes off busy workdays so I don’t have to worry about bringing back the work mode home. When I lived closer to work, I used to walk there and back. Both walking and cycling is really nice after a long day at work to get fresh air. I feel better for it compared to sitting still during a car or bus journey.

Relaxing at home

Sometimes I feel that all the exercise, constantly spending time with other people gets a bit too much and that’s when I need my alone time. Usually I prefer spending my alone time at home reading a good book, listen to music or watch a good TV show or the occasional film to take my mind off the ‘real’ world.

Organising in my bullet journal

Keeping a bullet journal is only something I’ve recently picked up but I’ve already seen how it helps me keep on track with life admin tasks. If I don’t write things down, I sometimes forget or I can’t get it out of mind until it’s done, even if it’s something that doesn’t need doing for a couple of days or weeks. Also, the satisfaction of ticking tasks off does wonders for my wellbeing.

Sometimes none of the above works for me, I get stressed, I have to many things going on at the same time and all I can do is let it happen and hope that waking up the next day I’ll feel much better. Luckily for me, this always work but I am fully aware it doesn’t for everyone.

What works for you? Have you got “me-time” set aside once a week/month or do you fill every day with little things that make you feel good?

Jennie xx