EasiYo Homemade Yoghurt

Easy Homemade Yoghurt with EasiYo

If you read my previous post, you know I gave up Greek yoghurt fro porridge for breakfast as it turned out to be a calorie bomb. Luckily for me and you guys who want to be healthy, EasiYo’s* homemade Greek style yoghurt has less calories. Around 20-30 less per 100 gram which is great. I was recently sent their starter pack to give fresh homemade yoghurt a go. It’s so much fun, easy and handy to make your own and you can use yoghurt for so much more than in a breakfast bowl.

EasiYo Homemade YoghurtHomemade Yoghurt

EasiYo Starter Kit

The starter pack includes a yoghurt maker, a jar and two bags of yoghurt sachets. I received the Greek style yoghurt and two flavoured packs: apricot and strawberry. So far, I have only tried the Greek style yoghurt and apricot. I was pleasantly surprised how tasty they both are, really smooth and the Greek style yoghurt isn’t at all as tart as others can get.

Homemade frozen yoghurt

How to Make EasiYo Yoghurt

It’s really easy to make your own yoghurt, three simple steps and you’re done. First, fill the EasiYo jar half way with room temperature water. Poor in a sachet of yoghurt and shake well. Top up with more water, almost full and shake again. Second, poor boiling water into the yoghurt maker to cover the spacer. Put the jar in the maker and close the lid. Third, let sit for 8-12 hours and move jar to fridge once set. All yoghurts lasts around 2 weeks refrigerated and ones with bits in them, half that time.

Homemade guacamole

EasiYo Recipe Ideas

On EasiYo’s website you can find lots of recipes to use the yoghurts in. Myself, I tried the plain yoghurt as it is in a breakfast bowl, served with dried berries, nut mix, fresh cherries and honey. I also made frozen yoghurt/ice cream. It was so easy, simply mixing a bit of yoghurt with frozen fruit of choice. I shall experiment to see if more yoghurt and less fruit ratio will make it creamier.

Apricot yoghurt pancakes

I also used some of it when making guacamole. I’m really pleased that 1kg yoghurt makes all this and more, not all of it was used. The apricot yoghurt I used to make pancakes. I’ve never thought about making sweet flavoured pancakes before, only savoury with spinach, carrots etc. I tell you what, these came out delicious. Apricot is a gentle flavour so the pancakes simply got a fresh fruity taste which you can still top with anything you like without it clashing in taste.

Jennie xx

*I was kindly sent an EasiYo starter pack in return for this post. Words, opinions and photos are as always my own.


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