Hive Leeds

There’s a new café in Leeds called Hive and they serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. If I had a job in city centre I’d probably come here a lot but sadly I work outside of town. Another sad thing is they’re not open during the weekend which is when I’d love to have a nearby breakfast place to call my local. I do get it though, the Wellington Place in Leeds mainly consists of offices rather than flats which means their main customers will be business people. I am thankful they’re open till late hours so even I can fit in a dinner here on a weeknight.

Hive counter

My first visit however was during a slow weekday morning when I had the day off work. It’s nice being able to stop in on the way to city centre shopping and sitting at a table overlooking the river. I was surprised not more people took the time to enjoy their breakfast in the café as it’s lovely and homey. Most bought breakfast and coffee to go instead so Hive is suitable even for those on the go.

Hive seating Hive tables

I was warmly welcomed and introduced to the breakfast menu by the café manager. They have a wide selection of breakfast options to choose from, all with a healthy twist; Breakfast Burritos, Smoothie Bowls, Porridge, Full English Breakfast Pot, Breakfast Bakes and Granola with Yoghurt.

Before arriving I had in mind to order a Smoothie Bowl but after the run-through of the menu I liked the idea of a warm plate full of English Breakfast. This Full English Breakfast is slightly different to what we’re used to; sausages, bacon, beans all mixed together with a poached egg on top. To drink, I decided on a freshly pressed orange juice. I’m not much for hot drinks but for breakfast especially, orange juice is always nice and luxurious.

Full English Breakfast Pot Hive Breakfast PotOrange Juice

My food came out quickly after ordering, I believe as I was the only current customer for hot food. It didn’t look much on the plate but I was full for a very long time after finish it all. The poached egg was a little bit too watery for my taste but the rest is delicious, especially the sausages. Hive pride themselves in ordering their ingredients form local produce and these pork sausages from Wetherby are the best I’ve ever had.

Hive DecorationHive water

I’ve visited this venue once before, prior to being Hive, but the way Hive has managed to transform it is impressive. Like most food places, wood, metal and copper are the main materials for decoration but throughout the place it’s decorated with lots of fun details to keep the eye occupied. Really good when visiting on your own so you don’t have to look too lost. I especially like how green it is with all plants hanging in the ceiling and on the walls.

I did notice Hive has a full row of window seating with plug sockets so my next day off work is guaranteed to be spent here eating nice food and getting blog admin things done!

Have you got a local breakfast, lunch or dinner place?

Jennie xx