Have you got a sweet tooth? I do! I hate that I can’t stay away from sweet treats but I have learnt that by allowing myself healthy sweet snacks now and again, I can control the urge. It is harder at a certain time of the month, I’m not going to lie. Then all I want is to clear out the whole chocolate isle in any store – sign me up to Supermarket Sweep! But for the most of the time, I do really well.

For those times when I fancy a sweet snack, I have a couple of healthy snack ideas which minimise the calorie intake, ups your protein level but still meets your sweet tooth needs. I have put together some healthy snack ideas here, for when that urge for sugar kicks in.

Ice Cream with Brownie and Popcorn

When I received sweet popcorn in last month’s Triyit box (free subscription box for anyone to try), I knew I couldn’t eat them on their own, but had to use them in a bake or dessert of some sort. I decided to add them to an ice cream treat, along with brownie chocolate as well. This is a treat I’d only allow myself on a weekend, on a day when I’ve done proper exercise. I love ice cream so much but it contains a lot of sugar and calories. Luckily these days so many brands and supermarkets sell their own protein ice cream. One of these bowls contain 313 calories. It sounds a lot but half a tub of Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Dough has 575 calories in total, and you know you’d easily eat a full tub in one go.

1 portion, 313 kcal

  • 250ml Breyers Delight Cookies & Cream Ice Cream
  • 30g Maximuscle Promax Chocolate Brownie Protein Bar
  • 17.5g Retro Corn Rhubarb & Custard Popcorn

Retro Corn Ice CreamHealthy Ice Cream Snack

Protein Ice Cream Lollipops

If you want to consume even less calories, make your own ice cream. You can do this with any liquids but I decided to make some from protein shakes, to make them more filling. I made a couple with chocolate flavour and some  with strawberry flavour. To the latter, I also added some fresh strawberries. They’re my favourite! Sweet and refreshing.

1 protein ice lolly, 31 kcal

  • 55ml Barebell’s Strawberry Protein Shake

Protein ice lolly Homemade ice lollies

Protein and Chocolate Snacks

I always have some sort of protein snack at home, in case of emergency. They’re great for when I need a quick snack that don’t take much room in the bag. They’re perfect to bring on a day out when you’re not sure if you’ll be near a shop or food place. I have mentioned Grenade’s protein bars previously and nothing has changed, they’re still my favourites. The same brand whose protein shake I used also make protein bars but all the fun flavours aren’t available in England. I believe they’re a Scandinavian brand.

1 bag of protein balls, 173 kcal

1 protein bar, 217 kcal

Protein snacks

More chocolatey treats are these chocolate dippers and chocolate spread from Jim Jams*. I have never actually tried any of their products before but now that they have launched alternatives with less added sugar, I wanted to give them a go. to me, they still taste quite sugary so who knows how sweet their other products are. One portion of the dippers is perfect for a weekend treat and the spread I have used to mix into my morning porridge. I always add peanut butter but at the weekend, it’s nice to change things up and treat yourself.

1 pack of Jim Jams Chocolate Dippers, 235kcal

1 tbsp Jim Jams Chocolate Spread, 74kcal

Jim Jams Chocolate DippersJim Jams Chocolate Spread

What’s your go to snack? Have you got any healthy snack recipes to share? Ones that the sweet tooth loves but scales don’t mind? Let me know if you try any of the snacks I’ve suggested and what you think to them.

Jennie xx

*Jim Jams kindly sent me a tub of chocolate spread and two boxes of Jim Jams snacks to try.