Hattie B's

It’s been a while since I wrote a food posts so today I thought I’d share my experience eating southern fried chicken at Hattie B’s in Nashville. Eating Southern American street food for lunch at work on Wednesday reminded me of the day went I decided to queue for apparently the best chicken in Nashville.

Hottest restaurant in Nashville

Hattie B’s doesn’t only serve the hottest chicken in the city, they’re one of the hottest restaurants to visit on a daily basis. Their guests are a mix of tourists, locals, over the day visitors and regulars coming here for lunch. I had heard that there sometimes is a queue to get in but didn’t think there would be any going mid-week just after the lunch rush. I was wrong! The queue almost went all around their conservatory and it didn’t disappear for as long as I was there. Whilst queuing up I could hear some people where tourists, others visiting for business or simply picking up lunch for the office. Luckily I didn’t have a time to consider but even so, I felt like we moved quickly and all of us had no problem finding a table once in.

Hattie B's queue

Hottest Chicken in Nashville

Enough about how popular Hattie B’s is and on to why it’s so popular. I enjoy hot food. I don’t have as good of a tolerance for it as I got travelling in Malaysia and Thailand but I still do enjoy it from time to time. Looking at Hattie B’s menu, I chickened out (no pun intended) and opted for their second hottest option, mild, on a six level heat scale: 1. No Heat, 2. Mild (Touch of Heat), 3. Medium (Warming Up), 4. Hot (Feel the Heat), 5. Damn Hot (Fire Starter), 6. Shut The Cluck Up!!! (Burn Notice). I was happy with this choice as I did feel the touch of heat and it was enough for me to still enjoy and taste the chicken.

Hattie B's menu

All their ‘Plates’ dishes include the option of two sides, bread and pickles but you can add more for a bit of extra money. I’m not a massive eater so it was enough with a SM White ( a chicken breast and wing) and French fries and homemade coleslaw as sides. I couldn’t even finish all that. I would have enjoyed a nice cool beer to go with it but since I was driving (check me out in a later post) I had to stick to cold Coca Cola.

Hattie B's southern fried chicken

The food was lovely but not a amazing as I would have hoped. You get a large portion, I wouldn’t have expected anything different being in the States, but I would have liked my chicken to be a bit more tender. The batter was excellent though. I normally don’t like it here in the UK on fish and chips as it just falls off the fish or leaves massive gaps between it and the meat. Hattie B’s know how I like my batter – finally!

If you’re ever in Nashville, I can recommend going to Hattie B’s for an experience of queuing to eat, traditional Southern American food and thee hottest chicken around.

Jennie xx