Harden Valley Walk in Bingley

Do you remember me mentioning that I’d like to go on more walks? If not, here’s me writing it in black and white. I am very pleased with myself not just saying I want to but actually going ahead and doing it. On the first bank holiday in May, I joined Bingley Walkers for a walk in Harden Valley. A 10 mile long walk starting and ending in Bingley, looping around Myrtle Park, St. David’s Folly, Goit Stock Waterfall, Hewenden Viaduct, Harden Moor and St. Ives Estate.

Saint David's Folley St. David's Folley

Bingley Walkers annually throw a walking party over the first bank holiday weekend in May where everyone is welcome to take part in guided walks for free. As soon as I knew a waterfall was involved I had to sign up to the longest walking rout, the Harden Valley Walk. The weather was glorious so a perfect day for it. Meeting up midday in central Bingley, 35 eager walkers were ready to set off. Cedric took charge and guided us through different scenery and gave us interesting facts about the different landmarks we passed on the way.

I didn’t expect the route to be full of so many different types of landscapes. Everything from a golf course, dark woods, windy moors, green fields to interesting landmarks.

Green fields Bingley Ruin Bank Wood Hewenden BeckHarden MoorHarden Moor

My personal favourite is the Goit Stock Waterfall. Walking up to it it did remind me of walking so many of them in Thailand. This is a Yorkshire waterfall which can easily be mistaken for one you will find in a more tropical country. If I had brought my swimsuit, and if it was allowed (it’s not!), I’d taken a dip.

Goit Stock WaterfallHarden Valley Waterfall

The Hewenden Viaduct is pretty impressive as well. You cross under it during the walk so you can see it from different angles, even from above once at the top of Harden Moors. The viaduct is a magnificent 120 or so feet tall which makes you feel very small standing underneath it.

Bingley Walkers The Hewenden Viaduct Harden Valley The Hewenden Viaduct

Half way through the walk, you have the option of stopping for a quick drink at The George Hotel in Cullingworth. Seeing the full route took us nearly six hours, it was a needfully drink. We had another once arriving back into Bingley again. Bingley also has a Potting Shed restaurant which is the perfect place to fuel up at before heading home.

The George Hotel in CullingworthAll Saints Bingley

I can really recommend the Harden Valley Walk. The route isn’t too difficult to walk but if it’s raining or has recently, there will be a few muddy parts. We were in luck walking during a dry period so I was fine wearing my trainers. Some even did it problem free in sandals.

Have you ever been to Bingley before? Would you go after seeing these photos from the area? I’m hoping to go back again at the first weekend in September for the Bingley Music Festival. I’ve been once before and it’s a great day/weekend out.

Jennie xx